The Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 are upgradable, but only a little

Wednesday, Microsoft announced a number of new Surface devices, but one thing you might have missed is that you can upgrade some devices. Most Surface devices aren't easy to upgrade or fix, which makes your score low on iFixit's measure of repairability. For example, there was 1 on Surface Pro 6 and 0 on Surface Laptop 2. But Microsoft is trying to do a better job at the repair department with the new Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3, making it easier to upgrade and access SSDs. However, this is almost the same as Microsoft's effort.

X, SSD is hidden behind the kickstand and has a small dish that can be popped out using the SIM extraction tool. Underneath that plate is an M.2 SSD, which seems to be unscrewing and ejecting. Microsoft says the M.2 2230 SSD is smaller than most M.2 SSDs and can't be easily found. For example, I could not find one on Amazon or Newegg.

Colleague Tom Warren quickly accesses SSD in the video below.

Microsoft says the hard drive is "unable to be removed by the user" and needs to be replaced by a trained Microsoft technician. But if you want to make a swap yourself, don't forget to use Torx screwdrivers conveniently and load Windows on your new SSD.

Surface Laptop 3 also seems to have easy access to the device, but it seems more complicated than the plate on Surface Pro X. Panos Panay demonstrated how to get the inside of every computer by removing the entire top of Surface Laptop 3 using the right tools. Like the Surface Pro X, only SSDs have been found to be replaceable and should only be repaired by experienced Microsoft technicians. Microsoft told Verge that it could not replace or upgrade the RAM.

Fixit CEO Kyle Wiens told The Verge that the ability to upgrade the device is limited but still making great progress . "This made a big difference in Microsoft's product line," he says, making the previous Surface Laptop "flatten the worst laptop we disassembled" (the repair score was 0). He said that making Surfaces more upgradable is "a sign of a major change in product intent, and that's a really positive direction."

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