List of 21 Best The Sims 4 Challenges in 2021

The Sims 4, is fun on its own, but those who want a spicy taste should try one of these best and unique challenges!

Isn’t The Sims 4 a fun game? In Sims 4 game you can create Sims, control their lives and do what you want. Whether they get a job by selling collectibles they find in adventures, get marriedmake a family or earn money, it’s all up to you. It can be difficult to decide what to do in the game because there is an open world and lots of things to do.

Sims 4 Challenges Rules

The challenge begins there! Each challenge has its own set of rules that direct specific aspects of gameplay. These challenges can be so much fun and some of them are unique.

The Sims 4 Challenges Updates 2020

Performing various challenges in The Sims 4 is a really fun way to add excitement to the game. A lot of appeal in this game can do everything we want without rules, but adding fun restrictions to the game can make things even more exciting. Many people on the internet can choose and try out the Sim family. As talented Sims fans are constantly facing new challenges, again we have added some Sims 4 fun challenges, unique challenges and best challenges.

Here are Top 5 Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 Challenges List:

Legacy Challenge

Disney Princess Challenge

Not So Berry Challenge

100 Baby Challenge

City Construction Challenge

History Challenge

The 10k Starter Home Challenge

10 years of challenge

Black Widow Challenge

Homeless Challenge

Asylum Challenge

Apocalypse Challenge

Room, week, theme challenge

Bachelor / Hearing Challenge

Big Brother Challenge

Masterchef Challenge

Off-Grid Challenge

Alphabet Challenge

Whimsical Challenge

Random challenge

Wolf Pack Challenge

1. Legacy Challenge

Legacy Challenge is one of the best, popular, classic and oldest Sims Challenges. Players have probably done so for years since The Sims 1. The basic rules are very simple.

  • Create the selected shim and move it to the largest empty site. But you have to start in one poverty (only $ 10,000 simoleons, excluding the cost of the lot).
  • “Founder” must build his own house and wealth, and then create a second generation.
  • You played in one family for ten generations.
  • Different flavors can be added to the challenge to make different challenges more challenging and challenging across each generation.

Legacy challenges are quite fun for several reasons. Play through one lineage for generations, there’s a vehement story about it, and you can see the deliberate family, family growth. Etc

2. Disney Princess Challenge

These are all very popular The Sims 4 challenges. Perhaps in part, everyone likes Disney-related things, and also because of the fun and creativity of the challenge. The challenge was created by Playingwithmah on The Sims Forum and is available for both Sims 3 and Sims 4. In The Sims 4, you need to:

  • Start with Snow White. Make Snow White and have 7 children (dwarf) in the game. Each child should have bad traits (e.g., “depressed”) and all children should have the same father. All children must complete Aspiration or receive an A before going to school.
  • Next is Cinderella! Choose the women of Snow White’s descendants and when they become teenagers you play with them. She needs “clean” and “grocery” characteristics, and she needs to clean and cook the house every day. She can’t get married until her mother dies!
  • From Tiana (Princess and the Frog; the goal is to marry a green-skinned Sim) to Rapunzel (Rapunzel, Sim can’t leave home or have friends), she continues to talk to other Disney princesses through all generations. Marriage)), Belle (Beauty and the Beast; must have planted bookworm traits and marry an “ugly” Sim that can only be changed after marriage).

This challenge has a lot of fun goals and objectives, and it’s a bit fun and original, duplicating the looks and lives of various Disney princesses. There are a total of 10 generations/princesses, but there are other alternative princesses and goals that you can add or switch if you wish.

3. Not So Berry Challenge

Not So Berry Challenge is a play about The Sims 4’s Berry Challenge. This is a legacy challenge where each generation is given color, traits, aspirations and career goals.

This is a fun challenge for anyone who wants to choose everything. If you don’t know what to do with simulation, this gorgeous challenge will be a trick!

4. 100 Baby Challenge

Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge is one of the most popular challenges that the players of The Sims 4 try more than once. Let’s change it a bit Instead of a history-based challenge, we have these 100 very fun and classic baby challenges! This is another thing that is played through most repetitions of the Sim.

  • Raise 100 babies in as few generations as possible!
  • If you have a baby with a Sim, you can’t have a baby with the same Sim again (yes, in this challenge there are as many baby dads as possible).
  • Cheat is not allowed, but it can immediately age your baby.
  • To continue the legacy, you need to give birth to a girl. The youngest girl born from the founder continues her legacy when the founder becomes an elder and cannot give birth. Without a woman, you lose!

This is a fun and silly challenge that many people love to play with. You can make the gender-neutral if you like by using mods so that men can get pregnant, but either way, it’s a fun challenge to make a friendship with everyone you take out and meet with you and your Sims.

5. City Construction Challenge

The city building challenge (also known as BACC) is a rather complex challenge that includes traditional legacy style gameplay elements to build/create your city in the game.

  • At the start of the game, we start with a certain amount of shims / using a random extractor.
  • As you achieve your goals, you can unlock more options, careers, Cass, Sims, and more.
  • The challenge allows you to control the world in which you are controlling all your homes to reach your goals!
    Win the challenge when you reach 50,000 points!

Like I said, this is a bit complicated-lots of rules and things to unlock. However, I know a lot of people who like this challenge and enjoy it!

6. History Challenge

This is a popular challenge for The Sims 4. Created by Cloudseeker users on The Sims 4 forum, this challenge is designed to start in the “prehistoric” era, taking you and your Sims over a variety of periods ending in the modern era.

  • Create two Sims (ancestors) and put them in an empty world (delete all lots and all Sims or download an empty world (see the Achievement link below for more details)). They start with your prehistoric sim.
  • Prehistoric Sims cannot participate in the profession, but they can sell collectibles, paintings or woodwork. Sims cannot have a “home.” They have to live in tents or on the ground and can only eat food that is caught and raised (fish, insects, fruits).
  • Complete the prehistoric goals (“Achieving level 10 fishing, gardening, and handy skills in the same seam” is one of the 5 goals in this phase).
  • Move on to the early civilizations where your Sims can build their homes in the Roman Empire or Ancient Egyptian style!
  • Achieve your goals and unlock new game mechanics to progress through prehistoric, early civilization, medieval, old western, industrial times, growling 20s and modern times!

I like this challenge. It’s a very unique spin on the traditional legacy challenge, and the creators have thought a lot about the era, gameplay and goals. Many Simmers took part in this assignment (the forum post has more than 45 replies!). If your game uses CC, there is a lot of themed content for each era. You can make the game more authentic!

7. 10k Starter Home Challenge

The 10k Starter Home Challenge is a bit more original. Instead of focusing entirely on how you play the game, this challenge is more focused on where your Sim lives!

In this challenge, you have to spend only half of your 20k Simoleon budget to build Sim’s starter home. Cheat or CC is not allowed and there is a list of objects that should appear at home. It can be a fun challenge for those who lovemaking!

8. 10-Years of challenge

The 10 Year Challenge is a variation of the Legacy Challenge / History Challenge. It’s not the same as a historical challenge because it focuses more on American lifestyles from 1890 to the present, not going through multiple eras.

  • Sims can only marry within their ethnicity, can only marry opposite genders, can’t use electricity (obviously), can do plumbing indoors, can “try to baby” (no fun) !). , And all furniture must be wood, above all.
  • By the 1900s, Sims could do electricity and plumbing indoors, but only men could get a job outside the home.
  • Male Sims in 1910 has to go to “War“, which feeds the cows and rolls the dice to see if they survive!
  • Women can finally work in the 1920s, but in the 1930s, people with jobs should lose their jobs (the Great Depression).
  • Every 10 years, various challenges and unlocks continue until you reach the current 10 years!

This is another thing that gets the main points of fun and creativity. There are challenging aspects, and it is still true what life was like in each of these periods. This is another thing you can get by downloading some themed custom content for the game.

9. Black Widow Challenge

The Black Widow Challenge is a rather phenomenal trait. The main challenge is to marry male Sims, kill them and take over money!

Start with a young woman Sim. She is material, snoring should have romantic qualities, and chain romantic aspirations. She can move home, but you can’t cheat for money! She is also unable to work-all the money she has must be handed over from her partner.

  • Meet Sim and marry him.
  • Introduce new partners through dinner parties, and find potential romantic interests while there.
  • Trick your husband with a new romantic interest and invite him to cheat.
  • Find a way to kill your husband (some suggestions are here) and marry new romantic interests!
  • Put all your tombstones on top of the tombstone-aim to win 10 husbands!

There are a few different rules and objectives related to the challenge, but this is the main point. The Black Widow Challenge was after The Sims 2.

10. Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge says it’s a bit difficult! As we all know, part of The Sims game is to make Sim happy. But in the absence of the comfort of ordinary creatures, it is much more difficult to do so. To solve this challenge, you need to do the following:

  • Create one shim that can be a man or woman and have the desired qualities. Buy and move to an empty lot. Use cheats to remove all money.
  • You can’t get a job planted, but you can earn cash by collecting, fishing, gardening, trashing bins, begging other Sims for money, writing books, writing instruments, writing pictures, or other hobbies.
  • At first, you need to use a public toilet and sleep on the park bench until you reach the challenge of starting a home bench. Of course, you need enough money to do that!
  • As you progress through the challenges, there are mini-challenges, like the “Architectural Authorization” mini-challenge (you can start building a site after deducting $ 500 Simo Leon from the deliberation money).
  • Save $ 5000 and build a basic home and the game ends!

This is one of my personal favorites. The mini-challenge is unique and fun, and it’s difficult to take care of a shim that doesn’t have everything you need. Great pride as you reach the end of the challenge and see how far the homeless Sim has come!

11. Asylum Challenge

Make furniture with 8 Sims (or find some in the Sims 4 gallery!). All Sims should have crazy qualities. You have to randomize other traits (but you can’t have “self-confident” traits, just randomize their aspirations).

  • You can choose one Sim to control the entire achievement.
  • The goal is to prove that your controlled Sims can control their lives by completing their aspirations.
  • Cheat is not allowed and you can make your home have only 5 beds, 6 seats, 1 bathroom, and the cheapest electronics to decorate.

This is a fun and difficult challenge. You have to work hard to control your Sim despite their crazy traits and watch out for other crazy Sims that are not controlled in the house. I like this challenge because it is based on in-game characteristics, not external goals or objectives.

12. Apocalypse Challenge

The Sims fans have long wanted the official expansion pack for Apocalypse (think The Sims + Fallout), but the closest thing is The Sims 3: To the Future. But with the Apocalypse Challenge, you can unleash your imagination and pretend to live in the post-war world!

This year is 2015, and Simtopia is all gone with an apparent nuclear war! Fortunately, the Sim survived the bomb shelter, and the goal is to survive until they get older.

Make a Sim and a “shelter“. Shelters are single rooms with only the necessities, including the cheapest bed (prison bed from Get to Work or camping bed from Outdoor Retreat), toilet and kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, counter).

  • Your Sim cannot leave much (the rest of the world is destroyed and there is a threat of nuclear fallout).
  • If your Sims die of anything other than old age, you lose!
  • I’ve seen a few variations of this challenge online, but they all have to do with surviving life and offer unique limitations on common gameplay.

13. One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge!

If you like playing in build mode for a long time without feeling the atmosphere for a legacy style challenge, One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge might be for you! This challenge, created by Rosemow on the Sims forum, is a bit different from other challenges, but still allows a lot of creativity!

  • On a weekly Sims 4 forum, Rosemow updates the thread with weekly challenges.
  • CC is not available in the room and you can share the room in The Sims 4 Gallery for other players to use and download in the game (the hashtag #oneroomoneweekonetheme makes it easy for people to find the room in the gallery)!
  • Past themes are Fruity Kitchen, National Holiday Theme Room, Music Room, Guest Bedroom, Wellness Room, Grandma’s Kitchen and more!
  • To date, there are 118 weekly challenges!

I like this task because it makes it relatively easy (especially compared to longer or more related tasks), allows me to show off my building skills, and be creative with themes. Besides, decorating the room is one of the best parts of The Sims!

14. Bachelor Challenge

The next few challenges are based on some great reality TV shows, and what’s a better place to start than the Bachelor / Library challenge?

Create a bachelor. You have to give them any traits you want, but they must have “romantic” traits.
Create 7 participants! They can have any qualities you want. They can all be male or female, or you can mix whatever you like in your bachelor/bachelor! Make it as diverse as possible for them to be more fun. Or find unique Sims in The Sims 4 Gallery!

  • Sims should go out with their Sims in the house via a group picnic or a one-on-one date.
  • Removal is done every 3 days, and the planting should be taken out of the house with the least romantic relationship with the bachelor/hearing.
  • Keep going until your Sim finds true love!

Depending on this challenge, you can add or change the rules you want, or reproduce your favorite bachelor/hearing season as you like. This is great for social/romantic based challenge or bachelor franchise fans!

15. Big Brother Challenge

I recently participated in the Big Brother TV program (yes, it’s about 15 years late). Then I was inspired to create a Big Brother game in Sims 4! But after The Sims 2, Big Brother’s challenge continues!

  • Create 8 unique shims. I recommend randomizing their characteristics and making them as different as possible. You can also download the Sim Set from the gallery as usual.
  • You can’t control your Sim! What you want cannot be achieved, even death cannot be interrupted.
  • Every week you can focus on the challenge as a skill (all game skills like drawing, stamina, woodworking, cooking). Sims with the best skills can gain immunity (no eviction).
  • Eviction can occur once a week. Sims without best friends at home should move.

I like this challenge It’s fun and you can see how well your Sims can take care of and develop friendships without your input. Watching a different personality is interesting and very much like watching a real Big Brother TV show. This challenge is great if you want more hands-on experience.

16. Masterchef Challenge

I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and Masterchef (USA), so I was very excited to see this challenge. This challenge created by SimDoughnut on Tumblr will challenge 5 Sims and find a “masterchef.

  • Create three judges and five random Sims. Judges must have level 5 culinary skills and “food” traits / culinary aspirations.
  • Participants will not have cooking skills at the start of the contest, but on days without challenges, you can read a cooking skills book or watch a cooking channel.
  • There are three cooking tasks that Sims must complete each week.
  • The judges are provided with food to eat, and if the highest quality dish wins, the lowest dish is eliminated.

If you like cooking skills in the game or if you are a fan of Masterchef, this is the perfect challenge for you!

17. Off-Grid Challenge

The Island Living pack brought new fun additions to the game. From a new tropical island-inspired world to a mermaid, and a new “off-the-grid” lot trait, this pack has created some fun and exciting elements in the game.

The off-the-grid challenge has been played in Sims games for some time, but in the end it has a lot of traits, making this challenge much more fun and easy.

The Irish Living Off-Grid Challenge requires the player to have an Irish living and set it to a “non-grid” lot attribute. Then you have to make money by non-traditional means, such as selling collectibles or doing odd things.

18. Alphabet Challenge

For some people, choosing the names of all Sims and their children is the hardest part of the whole family. There are so many names there, and it can be difficult to pick the one that’s perfect for each Sim’s children!

In the Alphabet Challenge, players must name each baby born in the Sim’s family in different alphabetic characters, in order from A to Z. Across each generation of games.

19. Whimsical Challenge

Anyone who has played The Sims 4 will be familiar with Whims. They are small thought bubbles that appear near your Sim’s portrait and show what the Sim wants to do. These can be based on player-installed pack or shim characteristics, relationships and surroundings.

The Whims & Sims Challenge is a challenge-based entirely on these Whims. In this challenge, the player’s goal is to complete as many shim whims as possible while making the shim happy and living a satisfying life. Irresistible whims in this challenge!

20. Random challenge

For some people, making a Sim is the most fun part of the game. It can be really fun to edit the facial features, give it the perfect outfit and hair color, and make everything about the look fit the player’s wishes. But what if you can’t control it? The random challenge answers that question!

In this challenge, the player hits a random button that appears in Create-a-Sim and then takes on a mission that doesn’t change one thing. Then you need to use the website to give it random characteristics. You no longer need to edit your Sim’s appearance or characteristics.

21. Wolf Pack Challenge

Fans of The Sims 4 were very excited after Cats & Dogs was released. Eventually the Sims were able to keep their pets and even become a veterinarian as a job! The Wolf Pack Challenge has a hard time making the most of this expansion pack in The Sims 4.

In this challenge, players create a Sim that lives with 6 dogs and an evil raccoon! Raccoons live away from planted land while trying to frustrate their plans and live for themselves and their pets. The challenge ends when the raccoon disappears. How far can the Sim go by then? Try the Wolf Pack Challenge!

Have you ever played Challenges in The Sims 4? if yes, then which is your favorite challenge? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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