The Sims 4 Careers

Choosing one of your favorite career in The Sims 4 can be difficult, so we ranked these digital options best from a perspective. With some expansions and game packs, The Sims 4 now has more than 12 careers that allow players to earn money and give purpose to their digital life.

Each job has a set career path for promotion, usually offers a lot of money and helpful bonuses, and in some cases performs high-level jobs with access to additional skills and abilities outside of the job. Every job will help you pay bills and make your Sim happy, but in Sims 4 there are far more jobs than others.

About The Sims 4 Careers 2020

The Sims 4 Careers 2020

Sims Team announces expansion, stuff and game packs, new careers and more in the next 6 months It seemed appropriate to revisit the Sims 4 career options with the number of updates and DLCs released since this article was first written.

There are 10 branches, but there were some complaints at the lower level. If you want to try out the best options for recent play-throughs and try something different, there are other careers you should look at. Here is the list of all Sims 4 best Careers that pays you highest salary in 2o20.

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1. Business

The Sims 4 Careers 2020

If you want to make money in Sims 4, go to where the money is. It means building a career in business. Depending on the investor path, you will earn a cool $ 12,992 per week, working 4 hours a day, 8 days a week. The Investor Path empowers you to invest deliberate money into the stock market as well as good deals.

This allows you to earn up to 250% or 2.5 times the value of your investment. You can invest up to $ 5,000 every 48 hours. This means you can make huge profits of $ 12,500 3-4 times a week! However, you can also see that the investment is sour and regaining only 20% or $ 1,000.

2. Scientist

The Sims 4 Careers 2020

This is the most fun and fun career path in Sims 4 for all perks and fun toys. The wise salary is $ 11,115 a week but requires 5 hours and 9 hours of work per week.

You can access SimRay, which can transform your planted items into other items that are more valuable and can be sold for profit. It can also enslave other Sims for you.

The satellite dish can make the whole neighborhood happy or start a dance party. You can get a minion using a cloning machine.

Scientists with a serum that can satisfy hunger, lose weightcure illness, solve all needsgive energyboost moodcheatgain alien power, and even turn the clock back at the age of the Sim is the best privilege.

3. Actor

The Sims 4 best Career

In the spotlight, the life of splendor can be profitable, but it is not at the same level as the real thing. First of all, you audition for a performance, then make money, hire, and work. It takes 3 days from audition to payday, so if you are very efficient you can only perform twice a week.

4. Artist

The Sims 4 All Careers

At first it seems to be a painter and live the life of a hungry artist. Top-notch painters earn $ 4,920 a week, but only five hours a day for two days, so there’s plenty of free time. The painter has plenty of free time, trying to make his paintings where the real money comes in.

The big picture costs hundreds of dollars. You can easily earn 1 million won. Very rarely you can create masterpieces that will be sold in thousands of art galleries. The pt painting also serves to decorate the house and enhance the mood of the Sim.

5. Social media

The Sims 4 Careers 2020

Social media stars have an interesting career path in The Sims 4, and the Internet personality is by far the best route and the most profitable, but only $ 6,480 a week. However, thanks to its ability to secure followers and advertise products, it can sometimes be one of the most profitable career paths.

Depending on the size of your followers, you can earn thousands of dollars with a little effort. The reason this doesn’t rank higher is that it’s still a long way to take the top 10 in this career and you can lose your followers every time you push a product.

6. Tech expert

The Sims 4 2020 Careers

At first glance, Tech Guru looks like a terrible job choice. As an eSports gamer, you’ll earn $ 7,872 if you work four days a week in the highest ranking. However, the heart of this career lies in Livestreaming.

If you have enough followers, you can make a lot of money by live broadcasting. There is a significant cooldown between live streams and you have to take part in multiple tournaments to keep the follower’s base, but it’s a very informative career with time and effort.

7. Secret agent

The Sims 4 Careers

This career path leads to a double life while dealing with spycraft and state secrets. There are two routes, the goodie-two-shoes Diamond Agent route or the dark Villain route. Diamond agents are great because they only work 3 days a week and earn $ 4,260, but you only need to invest 15 hours a day.

The villain, on the other hand, is slightly above $ 4,260, but you have to work five hours a day, five days a week. That’s why it’s not a particularly difficult way to build a career, and money is fine, so that’s why you make a list.

8. Expansion Pack

Sims 4 Best Careers

Sims 4 Expansion Pack this means you can earn $ 19,600 with maximum efficiency and have the flexibility to create your schedule. It’s a good idea to get a lot of fame to start a lifestyle brand. It will be good between performances as there will be some daily revenue.

9. Conservationist

Sims 4 All Careers

This career was added to the Sims 4 game through the expansion of Island Living last year. The most profitable route is as an environmental manager who works 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and receives a decent $ 10,080.

In addition to decent wages and standard workloads, you can document your free time and submit a subsidy application to earn a balanced income in addition to your salary. This is a great career if you are looking for stability and good extra income.

10. Style Influencer

Sims 4 Careers 2020

Style Influencer is a Sim with a passion for fashion, trying to criticize others’ looks and set trends. In particular, the stylist branch is one of the best moneymakers in the game, working 5 hours a day for 5 days a week and generating $ 15,000 cool. You can also post fashion articles for extra cash.

The reason why the ranking is too low is because there is a lot of micromanagement involved in decorating different simulations and launching trends that every player can enjoy. Some people may absolutely like this control, but many people aren’t interested in the look of other simulations, and even many don’t care.

11. Group

Sims 4 Best Careers

Supporting countries in Sims 4 can make a lot of money. Earning $ 16,880 per week is the most paid job in the game. This means you have to work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Perks are also a kind of lame. The medals on the wall look great, but pale compared to other bonuses. Depending on your chosen course, you will invest 40 hours during the day or at night depending on your personal preference.

12. Cooking

Sims 4 2020 Careers

Chef Gil is a higher source of income, bringing you $ 9,840 for 4 hours a day, 6 hours a day, but you work in the afternoon on weekends. The reason it’s a bit higher is that there are so many utensils and cooking techniques to help you become a chef.

The Mix Scholars branch instructs Sims to mix drinks to help them feel better. Both can sell their creations for profit or personal benefit.

13. Criminal

The Sims 4 Careers

Crime doesn’t pay in the real world, but it certainly pays in The Sims 4 game. When you become the boss of a crime ring, you pay the fourth-highest salary in The Sims 4 game for $ 12,460 per week, working 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also offers the biggest cash bonus for game promotions at the price of $ 8,039.

When you become a boss, a job event is also available to steal bank vaults. For those who are pursuing the Oracle path, hacking is a very profitable technology and gives you access to Hack Mainframe, the best computer in the game.

14. Writer

Sims 4 Careers

The author’s writer branch can make serious money. The career itself is peanut, and the planter earns $ 5,580 a week, but like the painter, he works only 6 hours a day for 2 days a week. That free time is spent writing books that can generate favorable residual income. The bestseller takes about 4 hours to write a game and can get $ 200-800 a day for 20 days.

For example, if 10 bestsellers are published, your Sim will earn over $ 4,000 a day! Usually 10 books, the lowest quality, and earning $ 10 each will generate $ 100 a day, regardless of whether the Sims work that day. There is also an interesting privilege of immortalizing your Sims by writing a book that will bring life back when you read.

15. Gardener

The Sims 4 Best Careers

Gardeners earn an impressive earnings of $ 14,700 per week, working 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. Botanists are holding events that can earn over $ 1,500 in two hours, and you can apply for funding for research. On the other hand, florists have a high salary and can run a flower shop, which can make a huge profit.

But gardening perks are much bigger than money. Gardeners have access to plants that can do all sorts of things, such as bribing the grim reaper to avoid death, producing cow milk plus a few days of sim life, transforming into plants, and potentially making heavy profits Don’t sell for growing or buy food again, and even keep money trees in the refrigerator.

16. Astronaut

The Sims 4 Best Careers

Space travelers can make a lot of money, especially on the Harrison Ford route, with interstellar smuggling points. The third highest wage in Sims 4 game makes me work $ 14,868, 9 hours a day, 4 days a week.

It also gives you access to retro rockets that you can use to travel to space and bring valuable objects like space rocks and aliens. The reason this job doesn’t rank higher is that it’s very difficult to get promoted if your Sim is constantly depressed over the long hours of this career.

So this was the list of all The Sims 4 best Careers that pays you highest salary, hopefully this career list helped you to choose your favorite career. Make more money by choosing your profession.

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