The RED Hydrogen One’s promised modules have gone missing from its website

One of the most important things that RED Hydrogen One could have traded for was the promise of additional modules that would be attached to the back and would offer expanded experiences for using the phone. The modules were originally promised for a release later in 2019, but the company seems to have silently updated its website to remove all mention of the modules, (as indicated by the Reddit user / ReipasTietokonePoju).

RED has not formally confirmed that it is actually canceling the modules for the Hydrogen One. (We have contacted for comments, but we have not yet received a response from the company.) There have also been no comments from the founder of RED Jim Jannard (or any other RED employee) in the H4VUser Hydrogen One forum regarding leakage drawings. Despite a thread from the forum of phone owners looking for an official update.

the red hydrogen ones promised modules have gone missing from its website

This may simply be an update to the current website and the section may be updated or restored soon. But if it is an intentional movement on the part of RED, it is certainly not a good sign for the telephone already defamed that the company is no longer advertising one of its most expected functions on the site.

The original section (and currently deleted) The site promised modules that would be attached to the pogo legs on the back, providing additional battery life, more storage space and, most importantly, a Camera sensor manufactured in full RED with a lens mount that would have allowed users to place real lenses. Jannard also made some big promises about the camera attachment at the launch, saying to The Verge "If you were shooting an 8K gun on the set as your camera A, it could certainly be your B camera, there's doubt. "

March 11 update at 11:05 pm: RED founder Jim Jannard has addressed the deleted drawings in a new post forum explaining that they were removed because The company is "currently in the midst of radically changing the hydrogen program." According to Jannard, "a series of obstacles and then new discoveries have given us the opportunity to significantly improve the entire program, not only for hydrogen but also for RED"

Among those changes is that "the RED team, led by Jarred Land, will now be completely in charge of the professional image capture program for Hydrogen", which Jannard says that It should lead to "new opportunities to better meet the professional image capture. However, the details are still scarce, although the details are promised" soon ". Jannard also notes in his publication that Hydrogen customers will be "outdated obsolete", in relation to the new camera system, a high level. promise to do for a mobile device.

There is still no information on the status of the other modules that the RED website promised previously, including those to increase battery life and storage.

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