The Punkt MP02 is Android minimalism at its finest

Technology It is safe to say that I am curious when this happens in Petun Neby and MWC this week, because it is not every day that a CEO puts a cell phone down my feet. Punkt, stylized as "Punkt." In the company's word mark, is about attaching formal to the chaos and confusion of modern life. The phone is a postmodern anti-flags device that suggests that the Internet is not needed every time a user wakes up every day.

Nebby, without warning to me through the intent of the Punkt MP02 minimalist design, threw his personal phone to the ground and picked it up and told his wife about the Belgian potatoes literally. I have been told that MP02 is (almost) not physically identical to the original Punkt MP01. So I was surprised by the small stunt. Nebby says hardware design is turned on by default. The company has no plans to change this, and when MP02 is dealt with and played, it is possible to know why. MP design combines robustness and personality, and timeless minimalism is visible for decades now. The buttons and shapes of this phone are easy to touch and the overall configuration has a sense of quality that surrounds the primitive hardware and functions contained inside. [19659004] Many people have reached a price of $ 349 for the MP02. A gadget that does not run one or more of the recently recharged Nokia feature phones will cost a lot. Despite having a 4G radio, MP02 can not access the Internet at all. Despite being based on Android, there are no apps. You can not do anything with 16GB of internal storage, and the most interesting part of multimedia is some custom ringtones. So why bother? </p>
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Attention and concentration are the most inadequate human resources in our modern life and life. Since the Android pocket supercomputer can not be unlocked, many different people can do one thing without being disturbed. Slack, Twitter and telegram notifications will inevitably add me to my original intentions. Devices like Punkt MP02 are trying to provide solutions.

The Snapdragon 210 chip with 4G for MP02 is interesting. The company demonstrates a company that is not a complete Luddite and can keep the advanced computer on the MP02 for cellular connectivity when the user needs it. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is another benefit that MP02 can enjoy. Until now, however, it is only supported in Europe until June in the US.

My impression of Punkt MP02 is overwhelmingly positive. It feels good to use, and there are subtle design elements that enhance and amplify the senses. For example, animations are created based on the concept of "cutting lines", so each transition between text-based menus occurs as a slicing animation. Nebby says that the MP02's interface says "every pixel is designed".

The indicators on the lock screen only appear when there are items to display: they are hidden in a submenu that is easily accessible if the battery is low or there is no mobile signal. Nebby expresses the idea nicely by saying, "All is good without all the markings." This is the heart of Punkt's philosophy. When all other phones are working hard to get your attention and attention, the Punkt phone wants to reassure you that the situation is good and you can concentrate whatever you are doing in the analog world.

I have seen a more reprehensible gadget. The Punkt MP02 handles the phone, text and is used as a convenient 4G hotspot when needed. It also looks good and feels good, and the 2-inch black and white screen will never be broken.

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