The PS4’s future is PlayStation VR

The PS4 is not dead yet, but it is certainly entering its twilight years. There are rumors that a next-generation successor will arrive perhaps as soon as next year. But there is still life on the Sony console, and it seems that the future of the PS4 will be the PlayStation VR.

Look at the recent announcement of Sony's state of play to get an idea of ​​the direction in which things are going. The presentation was overwhelmingly focused on upcoming virtual reality titles, such as Iron Man VR Blood & Truth Five Nights on Freddy's VR: Help Wanted along with modes VR for games like Concrete Genie and No Man's Sky .

Much of that next PSVR file is also exclusive to the console: so if you want to pretend to be a spy for Guy Ritchie, fly as Iron Man or create your own worlds in Dreams you'll need the console from Sony. It is the same strategy that Sony used with great success for the PS4 base system. With only a small portion of PS4 owners owning a PSVR, these new titles could be what helps more customers buy one.

I had the opportunity to test some of Sony's upcoming PSVR titles at a recent event, and there are many impressive things there. The most striking game in the record is the recently announced Iron Man VR . The demonstration gave me total control over Iron Man, allowing me to fly freely in the first person on a map, pointing my hands to control the thrust as in movies and comics. You could also sacrifice mobility to shoot bursts of repulsors at targets. There is a small learning curve, to be fair, Tony Stark also took some time to adjust, but the single control scheme adds a lot, providing the kind of experience you can not get with a controller.

Blood & Truth is an equally great experience, offering thrills from action movies and slow-motion action games that make you feel like John Wick He was juggling ammunition as he armed double pistols and exchanged shots with enemies while riding a shotgun in a jeep that was flying over desert dunes. Five Nights with Freddy VR (I saw the demo of others from the security of a normal screen) puts the fearsome series jumps even closer to your face, which I suppose should be appealing to some people.

Games like No Man's Sky or Concrete Genie that are not available exclusively in virtual reality but offer a new twist on their existing game, allow you to still get More value a game if you are an existing owner and gives a new incentive to try them out for those who were not interested before.

This boost to virtual reality is important because Sony does not have many important games on the PS4 agenda. Great hits like Ghost of Tsushima The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding have been announced for the PS4. but there is virtually no information on the release dates (or playable demonstrations) for any of those titles.

It's easy to imagine a world in which those titles become PS5 launch games or, at least, cross-generation titles that will continue to be used to boast the supposedly improved performance of Sony's latest console, such as Nintendo He did it with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . Sony is also skipping a big show at E3 this year, so it's not clear when we'll hear more about those games. Compared to blockbusters, PSVR games are usually smaller experiences that require much less investment from developers to produce and from players to devote time and money.

Focusing on the PSVR also makes sense from a commercial perspective: without a new PS4 hardware in the works, a big boost from the PSVR as an accessory for the tens Millions of existing customers who have not yet purchased could help fill that space for Sony this year while finishing work on the PS5.

And even once the PS5 is released, it's easy to imagine a world in which the PS4 is maintained as a budget, entry-level VR system. If the story is repeated, it will probably take Sony some time to have an updated PSVR successor from the PS5 era. (Assuming that the company is committed to virtual reality for that generation of console and that not only continue to use existing headphones).

Factor in all the new titles on the horizon, along with the surprisingly good back-up catalog that has been quietly being built, and one thing is clear: the PSVR is shaping up as a big part of the swan song on the PlayStation 4 .

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