The Pixel 3 only supports fast wireless charging on Google-approved chargers

One of the more useful additions to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL this year is that it supports wireless charging. Google uses the Pixel Stand accessory to charge your new phone with easy access to Google Assist and can act as a picture frame.

But it turned out that there is a catch. To get wireless charging speed on Pixel 3, you must own Pixel Stand (or another Google licensed 10W wireless charger) . Otherwise – even if you use a third-party charger that can support faster wireless charging, the 5W Qi specification still serves as the default Qi charging rate.

In a statement from The Verge, a Google representative said, "We are not limiting third party devices. We've partnered with our partners to create a high-speed 10W charger certified for Pixel 3 through our program (Belkin has released a 10W pixel 3 charger and will be available in the coming weeks). Pixel Stand and Pixel 3 are fast It works together through protocols developed for charging. "

While Google would like to work with third-party manufacturers to certify Pixel 3 chargers, it is disappointing that Google is limiting its faster charging speed to its products. Across the industry, you need approved partners instead of adopting the same Qi standards that almost any other phone manufacturer does.

Of course, Apple, Samsung and LG all have different internal standards for wireless fast charging (iPhone 9W, LG 10W, iPhone previously targeted at 7.5W for iPhone X). We have not made any specific improvements to this year's XS and XR models.) More importantly, all standards indicate interoperability. The Apple iPhone will be charged quickly on the Samsung pad, and the LG G7 ThinQ phone will get full charge rate from a wireless charger made by Apple's cell phone.

If you want wireless, the Pixel Stand will not help if you are using a charger. Google has also confirmed that the stand offers a proprietary recharge mode that powers Pixel 3 exclusively up to 10 watts, but only supports 5 W wireless charging for other Qi-compatible devices. In other words, you need two chargers if you have a cell phone or several devices that require fast charging. In other words, you need a charger that can charge pixels fast and a charger that can be used with any other device.

And many users simply do not notice or care that the phone is not charging as fast as possible. The fact remains that Google is ignoring industry standards here. sliced.

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