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Pirates Dice is a new board game style app for iOS and Android platforms where you play a game using dice, roll them to move pieces down the board, and try to win as much money as possible. Once you reach $200, you can monetize it and your earnings come in quickly, but at some point it seems to slow down a bit and come out more slowly than at the beginning.

Read our guide on how to earn real money and withdraw from Pirates Dice!

How to play this game is very simple. All you do is roll the dice, and as you roll, you will advance as many turns as there are for your role. What you want, and exactly what you want, depends purely on luck.

Occasionally, you will land on a cash icon. These are worth cash, green coins or gold coins. In this game, real money itself is functionally worthless.

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Gold coins can be cashed out with Amazon gift cards, but they are not functionally valuable because they require too many gold coins to reach the minimum of $50 at the point of withdrawal. several months at a time.

Green coins are the most valuable coins. One green coin is worth $1, so 200 green coins are worth the minimum cash withdrawal point of $200. When you get there, you can exchange it for a PayPal or CashApp gift card.

The fastest way to increase your income is to get all available video offers. Video offers appear in almost anything you do, and every time you win, you can double your earnings. You can also earn “daily” rewards by watching videos. This is a reward you can earn every time you actually play.

When you reach the minimum cash withdrawal point, tap the green coin logo and select one of the options. You should be able to cash out there.

However, many users have reported that something strange happens when they reach 200 green coins. For example, all options except the $1000 option may disappear. Some users have also reported that the green coins have completely disappeared from their accounts, dropping below the minimum.

A faster way to get a lot of coins is to land on a slot machine or the wheel of fortune. Spinning and winning can earn you much more rewards than getting regular prizes.

Very few people play this game. The reason is that there are algorithms to determine winners and losers even before gameplay begins. The best way to reset the algorithm is to delete the game and then reinstall it.

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