The Palm phone won’t save you from your phone

Everyone who sees a Palm phone does not want to believe me, saying I'm not very good. First of all, it is small and nicely designed well. (It looks the same as the iPhone X) People want to see something once, want something good, or want enough to fulfill that promise.

But the real reason people do not want to believe me is that they meet the real need we all feel every day. In other words, you are supposed to save you from the actual phone.

The Palm phone has been available to Verizon customers and a handful of international carriers for several months. The idea behind it is noteworthy: you can carry this little thing instead of carrying a phone that draws attention. Share your phone number, but do not share social media with apps that are dissatisfied with your primary phone.

I keep using it since its release. Palm phones are kind of useless like phones, so give up. We promise more than products.

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Bad things

the palm phone wont save you from your phone

Bad things

  • Terrible battery life
  • Only supports SMS synchronization.
  • Digital undercurrent consumption is not really solved

Before a Palm phone, the basics are: It's small enough to fit in a coin pocket of jeans with an Android phone with a 3.3-inch screen. You can share a phone number with a cost of $ 350 and use it as a second device in the same way as a connected smart clock. Verizon charges an additional $ 10 per month just like the associated SmartWatch. (Also, it does not really matter with the old Palm, Palm OS, or Web OS.)

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Palm phones are not SmartWatch, however. It's a complete Android phone. All you have to do is use it when you do not want to be distracted by your main phone. You do not have to worry about having a second phone number. You do not have to give up the actual app if you need it. Palm phones can make calls where conventional feature phones can not call Lyft. Theoretically, it eliminates the hassle of getting a second phone call.

"Theoretically," you can solve this hassle because you can not eliminate everything without fundamentally reconsidering how the phone network works in real life. At first, you can receive calls, but text messages are a problem. Only SMS and MMS are synced only through Verizon's massive Message + app. iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, and even RCS Chat can not be sent to your phone.

There is an infrastructure issue that can not be solved with your Palm phone if you pay an additional $ 10 per month and you do not want to receive text messages. I do not think that neither can inevitably overcome. But even if Palm could have done so, the Palm phone would still be a loser for its own merits.

That's a bad phone.

Here are some issues with Palm phones. The camera is terrible. The full point of receiving this call The face unlocking feature may not be secure, there is no physical volume button, and custom software is sometimes only available on small screens It helps. A significant amount of swelling is preloaded, very slow, and battery life is completely horrible.

The theoretical Palm apologist will answer all these criticisms by using traditional phone statistics to judge something that is not a traditional phone. I will admit that it is reasonable to judge a Palm phone with a different measure than we usually judge a phone. Battery life is bad. However, it does not always have to maintain battery life anyway. It is slow but you should not actually use it to make a lot of money. You really need to see it when you need it.

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If there's one custom software that encapsulates this dichotomy, Palm's breathtaking feature, "Life Mode", is to minimize distractions. When Life Mode is on, the phone enters airplane mode when the screen is off. If you turn off cellular and Wi-Fi radios, you will not receive notifications.

That was all good, but the true meaning of Life Mode is to compensate for how much battery life is lacking. If you use your Palm phone like a regular phone, you are lucky and you can call at noon. Of course you do not have to. So theoretically you can use it for a day. If you do not use it. However, even if Life Mode is on, it can still be killed in standby mode for one day.

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