The only game I play on my phone is Minesweeper

We recently received an ad for Instagram Solitaire 95 . I do not know what I did to pee Instagram. I inserted me into the demographics of people playing Bejeweled Blitz in visual time, and the ads worked because I downloaded the game. . Before I forgot, I enjoyed the novelty of classic Windows 95 tabs and iconized palm tree cards in one game, but with that experience, I had the idea when I moved from New York to New York three years ago. For the first time, I saw someone on the subway call Solitaire over the phone.

South Korea's trains run with perfect precision, the subway is invisible and high-speed Wi-Fi is on every route. The situation is different in New York City. Once, a rat came into my train, and all hell loose until somebody hit it so hard that it hit the wall and died. It was the most bonded I felt for other New Yorkers. And this happened around Christmas and added to holiday magic. In short, this is the kind of MTA service we are dealing with here. Of course, you can not play mobile games that require an internet connection because you do not have Wi-Fi.

the only game i play on my phone is minesweeper

This is actually quite good because New Yorkers use their time to read or listen to podcasts on the subway and actually pick up the Kindle again. Sometimes, however, when you're bored you may want to waste time in a nonsensical game!

In Seoul, I was localizing games in a mobile game studio and sometimes I saw people playing our games on the subway. The mobile game industry has changed very rapidly and there have been several new games every week that people have already moved on for weeks, but it was always a thrill, but it was short-lived. Nonetheless, there was a fast internet that allowed me to play MMORPGs on the train, and for every three years of commuting every day, I saw all sorts of mobile games that I could think of on the screen I was watching.

Living in Korea and returning to America was like stepping into Time Warp. I could not believe that people were still playing Candy Crush or even 2048 . For me this was like eating a ketchup and going into an all-you-can-eat buffet. But now I have become one of the very people I mocked. I play Minesweeper on my phone. Because I saw someone in the subway that I do not like.

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This week I was on a train when I saw a girl playing Minesweeper on her iPhone. There are Minesweeper games in the App Store, but right could not be found. And someone in front of me was off the mine. But because she had her AirPod, I could not interfere with her and ask which game she played. Minesweeper I imagined a scenario where she would ask carefully what game she was playing. I have seen me like wild animals that have never seen 3D Pinball and FreeCell's classic Windows game set. Show me a person who knows how to do FreeCell that I have never heard of Minesweeper .

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