The new ‘world’s thinnest phone’ slots into a business card case

Business cards are still part of an inevitable life for most Japanese workers. Therefore, it is recommended that the largest telecom company make the most of the situation with a cell phone that is suitable for card holders. "Card Phone" The KY-O1L is made by Kyocera and arrives at NTT Docomo next month.

Docomo, which is the same size as a credit card and weighs 47 grams and is 5.3 mm thick, does not really matter. The world's thinnest and lightest cell phone. It has 2.8 inch black and white electronic paper screen, LTE connection and 380mAh battery. There is no camera or app store, but at least you'll have a lot more fun using it on your screen if you use a web browser.

The UI for this video can be found in . Touch Watch :

Is this video actually the thinnest mobile phone in the world? In 2016, Moto Z fell below 5.2mm in thickness, but Docomo admits that it is cheating by not counting casual camera crashes. If so, Motorola can claim that Docomo is cheating at first by not including cameras.

Anyway, the price of the KY-O1L mobile phone is 32,000 yen (about 300 dollars). pocket. perhaps.

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