The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

A cell phone with the word "Palm" is small, interesting, and has little to do with Palm beyond words printed on the back. It comes from a startup in San Francisco that bought the rights to the name from TCL last year. The price is $ 349.99 and will be available in November, but you can not go out and buy it yourself. The current row can only be used as an add-on.

A Palm phone is a device that can be added to a Verizon plan that shares a phone number.

A Palm Phone is a device that can be added to a Verizon plan that shares a phone number. A cell phone that you can use when you go out on weekends or evenings, or when you want to distract your cell phone from any cell phone in general. That is, launch the full version of Android 8.1 and all apps on the Google Play Store.

For review: It is a small phone that prevents you from using your large phone, but if you want to do all you can do a big thing (but all the thoughts you obsessed a little less on your phone). Similar to a mobile phone. Steph Curry helped the design case to tie strings to the forearms during exercise. It also has a Kate Spade clutch.

Like I said: Strange. But also: Attractive.

the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

Palm phone next to Pixel 2 XL phone.

Stay back. Some people tend not to be tied to mobile phones too. We have new settings and software to track and show our usage, but it is easy to ignore. Also, trends in all mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger.

So some people are trying to solve both problems by buying a "minimalist phone" that can just be a phone call and text. But you end up with a lot of problems when you do it. Do you give up using your smartphone completely? It is no longer a realistic choice for most people. Are you looking for a stupid phone like a light phone? Enough to meet your needs . There will be one more feature that your phone wants.

If you want a phone that is not confusing, you can use it without giving up the smartphone you really want. .

The idea of ​​a new Palm mobile phone. Sidecar of mobile phone. Think of it as something you can get instead of a connected smart clock than a second phone. Actually thinking smartwatch is exactly the way Verizon (and Verizon only) sells, so it's a good addition to the existing plan. You can not buy things on your own or unlock them with your primary phone.

On the other hand, it is a wise idea to have a secondary phone to help you get out of the main phone. But the idea is the kind of worm into your head. Yes, I will not go to the cabin and send a small e-mail for business e-mail. That's right. It would be nice to have a small phone that actually goes into my pocket and weighs next to it.

It might be a better solution to "spend time" than to lift a conventional Jane feature phone or support Kickstarter for another company's phone. However, even if the Palm phone solves many "second phone" problems, it does not mean that it does not bring in many complications of its own.

Before we do everything, this is still phone . And I can say enough in just two hours playing last week. (We'll also look at Steph Curry.)

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The new Palm phone does not look like an inexpensive iPhone. Designers say they do not aim. Instead, I designed a small phone that could feel comfortable and designed it by squeezing it into my hand. Nevertheless, look at it.

Both front and rear gorillas are glass 3, rated IP68 and dustproof. There is only one button (power button) that is used for various purposes. There is only an 800mAh battery, but it is small enough to supply power for a long time.

1539607217 134 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

1539607217 12 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

Clearly small. It is only 50 x 97 mm, not bigger than a credit card, but thicker at 7.4 mm. It nestles in your hands that will make you nostalgic for the old of small phones instantly. It is easy to believe that you will forget that you put 62.5 grams in your pocket.

Because of its small size, there is no headphone jack or wireless charging space. There is a single USB-C port. And yes, it will be another thing that you have to keep charging.

It is not a very powerful phone by design. It has a 3.3-inch, 445ppi LCD display, large enough to view and enter information, but not enough to do the actual work. The rear camera is 12 megapixels, and the picture taken is fine, but not great. There is also an 8 mega pixel self camera.

Palm handset comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which can be seen on the other low end phone, the Snapdragon 435. If you know about the Android specification, you probably know that it is not powerful. However, this mobile phone is small enough to drive so it is slow enough when trying.

It is strange for me to call the Palm (eg, "Palm"). Software changes that make Android 8.1 better on the small screen and make better software not to distract yourself There was. [19659022] Not a great spec, but it is not necessary.

There is one virtual button at the bottom. Press once to go back, and twice to go home, press and hold to go to the multitasking screen. Since there is no volume button, you need to swipe down the Quick Settings panel to adjust it. And because there is no fingerprint sensor, Palm has created a custom face recognition lock that uses an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. I can not say how safe it is, but the traditional PIN is much safer. The power button has two obligations as a way to launch Google Assistant. Please press it for a long time.

Instead of the existing Home screen and app list settings on most Android phones, Palm phones have a vertically scrolling hexagonal grid. If you hold down one of the icons, shortcuts available in that app will appear as a big pop-up. (App shortcuts are one of the most unused features on Android.)

1539607217 119 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

The only real action I can actually spot on the Palm (this new phone is small, like Veer or Pixi) swipes up the home screen I will. Displays a list of apps in the area where you can draw letters to search. It looks like there are four app icons on the corners of every world, such as the graffiti area of ​​old PalmOS devices.

But no. It is not a phone inspired by PalmOS or webOS. The company named it. They talked to me for a long time about their spirit and it was a fun story. But they talked about "relaunching" the palm spirit rather than bringing it back.

The heart of the spirit is "Life Mode". "(Or because the founder is Dad, Hash Tag Dad mode.) The Palm Mode's Life Mode than all other features is to make this feature a" time consuming "minimalist phone.

Notifications are clearly displayed in life mode, but Palm also disables the radio radio . Your phone and Wi-Fi radio turn on only when the screen is on (bluetooth off, but stay connected when connected to headphones). Turning off notifications and declining incoming calls is a much more aggressive way. If your Life Mode is not set, and you have 8 hours of normal use, specify your phone.

Strangely, the latest version of Android on Palm phones has a wealth of digital wellness features that the company wants to crash with the Android 9 Pie feature.

1539607217 185 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

1539607217 709 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

There is one thing you should know about the Palm phone: Verizon It's a phone, it has a wide range of accessories

For people who know about Palm, and a wealth of irony to the Verizon partnership, Verizon rejected the first Palm Pre, Verizon is free from Palm. Russ and suggested that could pass all the attention and marketing spend on Motorola Droid (Motorola Droid) and offered to use a lot of (Pre Plus) pulled a little bait and switch.

Anyway, Palm phone has some Verizon apps pre-installed, but not as expected. Among them, Verizon's Message + app for texting is representative. A terrible-looking app with "features" and lots of features, and a real killer feature. Automatically synchronize text messages from multiple phones to the same phone number.

Verizon's NumberShare feature is a key factor in running Palm phones. It becomes the "extension" device of the primary phone and shares the phone number. It is delivered via phone and text. Palm phones are designed primarily for Android users. iPhone users can use it Palm phones are Android phones You can not import iMessages from this device.

Verizon jam is said to be a Palm phone because it uses a huge set of accessories such as cases, straps, armbands, and Kate spade clutches. The phone case has an incredible amount of money, and Verizon certainly wants it to be clear.

brings us to Steph Curry of Golden State Warriors, creative strategy director of the company. Palm does not get paid to do it, but he is actually an investor. His main input was in the development of accessories, and he says he will also be involved in marketing. Palm claims that he "started work" to test the accessory, claiming that he is not the only figurehead creative director on the pedigree of Alicia Keys, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Nick Cannon and

Curry has previously appeared in Apple and Vivo commercials. Most recent Tweets came from the iPhone.

1539607217 550 the new palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone

TreoCentral and PreCentral This is My Next, and Cliff . I met my wife because of her obsession with Palm devices. I run the largest online Palm community. I have a drawer full of old Palm devices, some of which have not been announced yet. Twitter's innovation has touted many of the "new" features that appear in today's smartphones. So I say that this new Palm phone is not like an old Palm phone. I speak from experience.

Palm is not rich in history, but mostly forgotten, yet it is deeply rooted in the products we use today. Palm's design tells you about your smartphone, and Palm's engineers work for major companies that make products that interact every day.

This new Palm phone is not directly connected to one of these. In addition to the fact that Palm employees do not work in the new Palm state and that the small employee is actually the last employee who is really trying to sell a small smartphone, this new Palm phone does not have much of the Palm software aesthetics of the past . Even the new Palm logo does not invoke Palm.

I have not studied it because this new Palm phone has an attractive idea. Is this product an advanced product? Not at all. It's a phone for people who already have a cell phone. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​having a small phone that can stop being Extremely Online is intense.

I do not know if this new Palm phone is the right way to achieve that goal, but some companies are happy to try something different on their smartphone. Making the smartphone bigger and stronger.

And if this new Palm phone is not sold, it's time to understand Palm.

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