The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide

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Cloud helping people and organizations achieve more with Microsoft 365, the world's productivity cloud. Last year, we shared a new vision for work management specifically designed to help teams collaborate and achieve projects more efficiently. Today we announced key steps to achieve this vision with the general availability of the new Microsoft Project along with our new subscription plan!

Team and project collaboration has become an essential element of work experience. Businesses increasingly rely on project teams to develop strategic initiatives, drive change, and solve difficult problems. However, it is not easy to track a project, especially if your team is working on multiple workflows to achieve a tight deadline.

The new project is simple and powerfully designed so anyone can get up and running quickly.

New New Experience

Projects provide a simple and intuitive redesigned user experience. Teams can quickly add new members, set up tasks, and then easily switch between grid, board, or timeline charts to track their progress. In addition, Project is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, so project teams can save time and do more with built-in connections to familiar apps like Microsoft Teams and Office.

 Animated images of timelines working in Microsoft Project

Easy to Collaborate

Designed to do more than just track progress, Project is designed to work with teams to support collaboration Make it easy to manage all aspects of your team projects, including file sharing, chats, and meetings. And much more. Team members in distributed locations can edit their work at the same time, allowing them to do more regardless of their location. To keep your team on track, Project provides an automated scheduling engine based on effort, duration, and resources.

 Animated images of project details are now displayed in Microsoft Teams.


 Animated images of the project timeline in Microsoft Project.

Co-authored in the project.

Insight at your fingertips

New projects provide powerful tools to increase visibility into your projects and predict future needs. You can create stunning interactive dashboards in Power BI to see all aspects of each project at a glance. Visually interactive roadmaps give you a single view of all the projects across your organization.

 Image of project work open in Power BI

Project Data BI dashboard in Power.

Extension Platform

Project built into the Microsoft Power Platform allows you to quickly connect to the apps and services you already use and create custom desktop and mobile experiences that meet your specific needs. All project team. Easy-to-use tools simplify the automated workflow process that simplifies compliance and increases efficiency. Do all of this with the confidence that you are building the strong security and compliance features of Azure, the world's most trusted enterprise cloud.

Introducing the new Microsoft Project Plan for All Users

Following this release, we are excited to announce a new subscription plan. Project Plan 1

Project Plan 1 is for teams who need the functionality needed to manage task-driven projects such as task and dependency assignments, scheduling and tracking project tasks. With only $ 10 per user per month for list, bulletin board, and timeline usage, this subscription is the ideal way to get started with Project.

Project Plan 1 is now renamed Project Plan 3 and Project Plan 5 in the name of Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium. each. Customers using Project Online can continue to do so with the confidence that whatever Project service they choose is committed to your success.

The launch of the new project began in mid October. If you already have a Project subscription plan, you will be notified to try a new Project experience. If you don't have a Project subscription yet, learn more now or try Project Plan 1. *

What's next?

More exciting features will be released in new projects in the future. Includes resource management, budget analysis, and time and cost tracking. These powerful capabilities can streamline more complex initiatives and help your business maximize ROI.

As we continue to innovate new projects, we rely on customers, such as customers, to determine the direction of future releases. Share your thoughts and ideas about how the project meets your current and future needs through the Feedback button on the new Project UserVoice or through your Microsoft representative.

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the new microsoft project rolls out to customers worldwide

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project simplifies project, resource, and portfolio management so you can track your projects successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are new projects different from Microsoft Planner?

A. The Planner remains the starting point for individuals and teams to collaborate on work. Many teams know that they need more permissions, such as tracking task dependencies and scheduling, and new projects are the right steps. Planners and new projects look and feel alike, so teams can easily move between the two tools.

Q. Can I still use the Project desktop app?

A. You can continue to use all the features of the Project desktop app.

Q. Do Project Plan 3 and Project Plan 5 include the Project Plan 1 feature?

A. Yes, project plan 3 and project plan 5 both include the project plan 1 feature.

* Plan 1 will be available for purchase in the United States and some international markets starting October 29, 2019. Available from mid-November on other international markets (except France and Korea).

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