The new Kindle Paperwhite is finally waterproof

Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle for most people since Amazon last updated the screen to a level similar to the top-of-the-line Voyage and Oasis models from some of the prices after 2015. Today, Amazon updates PaperHite, a new feature introduced in the second generation oasis, to provide water resistance and audiobook support in a lightweight, thin package.

In almost every respect, the new Paperwhite is better. The screen is a perfect glass sheet, just like the Voyage currently available, and is flush with the front. The LED backlight has been enhanced and the storage capacity of the basic model is 8GB, while the other models have a storage capacity of 32GB. Like Oasis, it supports Audible audiobooks through connected Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

the new kindle paperwhite is finally waterproof

In addition, one of the most requested features, this new paperwhite features IPX8 water resistance, so it can be submerged for up to six hours under water for up to one hour. It is safe to read in the bathtub, swimming pool or beach. Despite all of these additions, the new Paperwhite is 23 grams lighter than the old model and is nearly a millimeter thin at 8.18 mm.

There are not many changes to the screen. Still 6 inch, 300ppi display – But if Paperwhite's display is already good, it's hard to complain too much.

yet with no physical page turn buttons or under-glass capacitive touch pads such as sails; Unlike an oasis, the backlight does not provide an adaptive optical sensor. It will not charge via USB-C, but it will be disappointing in 2018.

However, Amazon has changed the new Paperwhite into a fundamentally watertight and updated voyage. Where previous Voyage spent $ 200, the new Paperwhite starts at $ 129.99 for the 8GB Wi-Fi model (more than $ 10 more than the previous paperwhite cost). In addition to the $ 129.99 8GB model, there is a 32GB version for $ 159.99 and a $ 249.99 32GB option for 3G.

All versions of Paperwhite are pre-ordered today. The 8GB model will be available next month in November. On the 7th, the 32GB version will someday be in the "coming months".

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