The Motorola One Vision has a 21:9 screen and looks less like an iPhone clone

Motorola is introducing a new member to its Motorola One line of phones today, but it will not reach the United States. Even so, the new One Vision deviates from the current Motorola smartphone family to such an extent that it is worth noting.

Its 6.3-inch LCD screen has an aspect ratio of 21: 9 that is perfect for movies, a trend that Sony recently joined. Motorola calls the CinemaVision screen. It is not the sharpest panel in the world (1080 x 2520), especially in this size, but this is by no means a flagship phone. The other thing instantly noticeable on the front is that circular cut for the selfie camera. (Previous Motorola One phones had a notch similar to an iPhone X).

the motorola one vision has a 219 screen and looks less like an iphone clone

Image: Motorola

These are things that no other Moto phone has at the moment and that are also transferred to the 48-megapixel camera. Now, like the new OnePlus 7 Pro, it's not really going to save 48 megapixel images on your camera's roll. Instead, Motorola generates 12-megapixel photos through its "QuadPixel" method of combining four pixels into a larger pixel of 1.6μm. Motorola claims that this translates to "four times the sensitivity to light" and less noise in their final images. (The secondary lens is only there to capture depth data, which I will always insist on is a complete waste).

The camera has optical image stabilization plus a dedicated night mode, and like many other Android phones right now. The Motorola camera software has some artificial intelligence tricks: there is a portrait lighting mode that uses machine learning to apply effects, an option to take a photo automatically when people are smiling and an "intelligent composition mode" .

1557937473 341 the motorola one vision has a 219 screen and looks less like an iphone clone

You may have 48MP written to it, but your resulting images will not be in that resolution.
Image: Motorola

Vision's front camera has a 25 megapixel sensor, which is quite a dramatic increase compared to other smartphones. However, you will only receive shots with the maximum resolution when you have good lighting. In darker conditions, the selfie camera reduces the resolution to prioritize better exposure.

This is a decidedly mid-range device, so the specifications are adequate for that. The One Vision is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9609 processor, and has 4GB of RAM. You get 128 GB of storage, which is very good for the price and is compatible with expandable storage. Its battery capacity is 3,500mAh. The "One" in Motorola One means that this device runs Android One, an almost available version of the operating system with the promised software and security updates for three years.

The Motorola One Vision is available as of today in Brazil for € 299 RRP. Next week will be launched in Mexico, followed by other countries in Latin America and Europe during the coming months. The United States is unlikely to join that list, but One Vision points to a new path in design that could find its way to other upcoming Motorola phones that eventually do so.

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