The Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV’s best feature are its three USB-C ports

In the 2016 edition of the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz launched its all-electric EQ brand with the debut of the concept SUV. And two years later the German company is the final road – the going version of its car, EQC. Much depends on the success of the EQC, but when you look at it this week in Paris, two things stand out: more pictures and more than three internal USB-C charging ports. So I am already a little fascinated by it.

Automotive exhibitions can sometimes feel like a plant that has been promised, like and the future in the distance as we have heard so far. ]. According to Mercedes' plan, although we have EQC, we are still months away from buying anywhere, and the US will not get it by 2020. The ability to charge USB-C devices without the use of special cables is now available by default. Then it becomes a little fist pump. How can I not celebrate that Mercedes-Benz has more than three USB-C ports than Microsoft's latest Surface Pro and Laptop?

On the other side of the EQC, I like what I see myself. With its exterior design. I'm not a fan of the way the headlights seem to melt into a glossy black panel that houses the grille. It is kind of a shape that does not make much sense in front of the vehicle. And it seems to be a nightmare, clean and clean. But if you are indifferent or ignorant about it, the percentage of cars keeps on rising. 19659004] I do not agree with all the design decisions, but I feel the ratio of EQC is right.

Jochen Hermann, Mercedes-Benz Parent Daimler spent time in electronics and knew the time Mercedes spent mocking the shape of the car's EQ line. "The biggest change in EQ was the change in the drive train." But we know that changing the drive train is not one of the main selling points for our customers. "Mercedes customers will not buy electric cars because they are electricity, so they need emotional stimulation and charm." Balanced behavior for people like Hermann tells customers that their signal to drive is new (19459005) Mercedes has kept the look of the EQC familiar, but "it has changed everything like the 19159049 EQ car."

Inside the car, Mercedes has a rose gold accent With the occasional blue highlights.You can clearly see the family affinity with the Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow show car, which graced the Paris Motor Show this week.I am a Mercedes The popularity and choice of rose gold that management pronounces "rose" Mercedes marketing is "rosé," which is a pretty safe choice for cell phones and other gadgets, with a pair of widescreen displays on a single black slab, one used as a digital instrument and the other used primarily for mapping The "EQ" splash screen welcomes you every time you start your car, which is part of Mercedes' effort to constantly remind you that you are in an EQ vehicle.

The last and most important part of Mercedes' EQ puzzles, like all other automakers, will make customers feel comfortable with their choice of electric car EV charging infrastructure still remains Mercedes Me rcedes Me is a place where you can develop apps and portals with the MBUX interface to plan and effectively charge your drivers. Hermann claims that you do not need to visit a gas station when traveling on an electric vehicle. It puts a lot of pressure on this automotive company's software. In other words, it should be intuitive for the user and able to help the debt plan that the EQC will never want.

Mercedes-Benz EQC, with a range of about 200 miles from a single charge and performance figure that meets Tesla and Jaguar's electric SUV competition, Will arrive at the market. If you can not count the USB-C port, that's not the reason you should buy the whole car as much as I like. So Mercedes has to be renowned for its reputation for high quality.

Vlad Savov / The Verge Photos

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