The iPhone SE is the best minimalist phone right now, if you use it right

Earlier this week, Apple began selling a $ 100 discount on its Refurbished iPhone SE, a 3-year-old, 4-inch smartphone based on the iPhone 5S. There was a second sale since the first sale was sold out last weekend. Like a journalist who was offended by a budget that forced impulse buying, I felt this was the right moment to jump into backup phone bandwagon. So I bought one.

I have always appreciated the classic 5S design with its obviously rounded corners and its durable, not so subtle dimensions. I need a really small case, a smaller screen and a more comfortable one-handed use I thought too much when I saw it last year with iPhone X and XS. half. In addition, there is a headphone jack.

I purchased a space gray model with a storage space of 32GB. This is because you should not open Instagram on the 5.8 inch iPhone XS screen by blowing nano SIM on the night and weekend. Twitter and Twitter are held twice at a given time. I plan to keep Spotify, Google Maps and possibly some reading, podcasting and news apps, but nothing else. Slack, Twitter, Instagram … Nothing. I want the phone to function mainly as a phone. I always want to turn semi-open windows into digital life. I'm lagging behind when I close my laptop every night.

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I want to know more broadly whether the problem is mostly mine or mostly my device and what app I use. (Or equivalent amount). No matter how good Apple and Google approach to attitudes may be, both companies benefit from one way or another of the ongoing use of smartphones. Google search I am afraid I will leave the newest iPhone.

Inspiration is not new here. Since the original rendering of the light phone has returned to Kickstarter in 2015, the minimalist mobile phone movement has been cycled through various fragrances prior to the smartphone era, when the flip phones dominate the top and function as devices that the BlackBerry can afford. . .

The most recent aspiration to re-establish the complex relationship with technology was centered around a new Palm phone, a small 3.3-inch phone with a piggybacked Verizon number. Almost everyone I talked to about this device seems to agree that they will buy it if it is widely available beyond Verizon (and a little cheaper than the current $ 349.99 price). The enormous interest in devices was another signal that the minimalist mobile phone movement was staying here.

Most companies are attempting to sell their phones to for the second time . . But the core philosophy still focuses on the same question. Can you live longer with a smaller, less capable smartphone?

Probably not, but it seems worth testing. According to Deloitte 's US version of the Global Mobile Consumer Survey in 2018, the average American has increased to 52 phone calls last year and 47 phone calls per year. More than 60% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 acknowledge that they use their phones too much. Although science on the subject is not crucial, we feel as if we live in a society that honors and rewards everyday action, depending on how difficult it is to draw conclusions from most self-reported data. Fear of how it affects our mental and emotional states.

To me, I am much worse than ordinary people. According to Apple's Screen Time dashboard, an average of 94 calls a day are made. Twitter is the most popular app after pickup, with the following top spots: the stock messaging app, messenger, and Chrome. I spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on my mobile phone, and many of them are labeled "Social Networking".

Aside from personal habits, almost every web site and mobile app and operating system manufacturer offers incentives for absorption. Be very careful. An interest-focused economy, such as Netflix or Twitch, or Twitter and Instagram each month, forcing many people to open their apps on a daily basis, can take care of responsible use of digital well-being and screen time. As much as their marketing department thinks fit. However, at the end of the day, the more we use and use the phone, the more it declares that the phone and application maker is more successful.

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How does SE fit into SE? Well, SE will be my second call at the beginning. The best way to pick someone's plug in 2019 is to be a strictly controlled experience, centered on the clue that you can pull the plug. I do not receive work emails, Fortnite or Holedown There will be no Twitter. (I am partially in Instagram and the only reason I can have a better time than other popular digital spaces.)

On top of that, the phone is not very good. . Small and compact, screen, battery life and camera are no better. I hope you will be able to open the Tweets stream, watch a few YouTube videos, resist the urge to shoot scenes that you will never feel need to remember, and see them again anyway. As an AT & T customer, it is my own Palm phone version.

There is no hope that everything will go well. I still have to work on slack and twitter once a week. Every night I want to experience deep breathing chaos. Especially if you're going on a beautiful weekend trip, you'll be too worried about leaving a better XS with a camera at home. Otherwise, you may feel like you are not attracted to the news. I am committed to using SE from the moment I sign on Friday evening until I wake up on Monday morning using Twitter.

But it will be an experiment. Apple's screen time can now play a new and more important role. It tells me that I need the most expensive and most expensive iPhone and the most eye-catching mobile app, and I am getting accomplished, up to date, and up to date. My guess is that if you use SE as much as you like, you will be relieved to know that you can reduce the volume in my digital life whenever you are satisfied.

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