The iPad Pro isn’t an Xbox competitor, even with console-like specs

Apple wants to create games by attracting well-known game developers with computers and iPads in mind, especially the new iPad Pro. This means that the company needs to cast mobile devices (most tablets not designated portable gaming devices) to other portable devices. Part of the way Apple delivers this message is to use certain presentations on consoles like Sony's PlayStation or Microsoft's Xbox, just like yesterday. [19659002] Developers of annual sports games such as NBA 2K19 showcased the latest basketball games to showcase the capabilities of the new iPad Pro through 2K games. . The iPad version of NBA 2K19 renders over 6 million pixels and renders a 60 fps clock. They are impressive numbers, and the demo definitely looks smooth on the screen. According to Apple, the new specification for the updated iPad Pro is similar to the Xbox One S, with CPU performance dramatically improved and GPU power doubling.

According to the Nielsen survey in 2018, 60% of gamers say they play mobile games on tablets like the iPad Pro. Creating a tablet with a console feature can be a huge help for Apple. But the problem is not that Apple is trying to make hardware that can compete with the Xbox One S. iPad Pro will never replace game experiences like NBA 2K19 or other AAA titles on home consoles.

The price of the Xbox One S is $ 200 and the new iPad Pro is $ 800. It's hard to sell the iPad Pro on behalf of the Xbox One S, which has a better controller and dedicated gaming experience. (Of course, you need some type of screen to connect your Xbox.)

iPad Pro is a great device for playing powerful games, but it is not a home console. iPad games are always a popular PC game ( Final Fantasy Tactics: Lions of War ) or Lite version of Light PC game ( Minecraft: Pocket Edition ). This game is perfect for iPad. Precision controller is not required. Sacrificing the right controller does not hurt to enjoy the experience. It is a feature that you can enjoy on the go without the need for extreme focus. A funny game that does not seem as serious as Fortnite has proven that console gaming has room to exist on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, but it is still different from playing games. The console with the appropriate controller.

Ideal for games like Console Forza on the iPad Pro instead of the home console. A large TV with a decent sound system is ideal. Eliminating the extra elements of an experience-critical game is short-sighted, and iPad Pro is simply not available to those who are looking for more.

However, iPad Pro is not a good gaming device. Powerful and portable. It is not as small as the Nintendo Switch, but it generally offers a more varied entertainment experience. Games are a feature iPad Pro can provide, but it is not a basic feature. It's not a home console, and I want to put it on the market to get rid of the elements that make the iPad attractive for gaming.

The best game for iPad Pro is a game that you can pick up when you want to spend your time on the go. While Apple can sell the iPad Pro as a hardware capable of playing a powerful game, most players express complaints by promoting an AAA title that should wait several hours while sitting on the sofa in front of a PlayStation or Xbox.

When you use more retro games or lite versions of popular games, games become more popular on iPad Pro. For example, if Apple could partner with Nintendo to bring classic Pokémon titles to their devices, both iPad Pro and the iPhone line would be perfect alternate consoles. This kind of game is a fun addition to a powerful entertainment console like the iPad Pro, but it is just one example of what a tablet can offer. If people are going to spend $ 800 on iPad Pro, they do not need to use it for gaming only. The game must have an add-on.

While more and more people are taking more smartphones and tablets with more mobile gaming, they do not replace the sophisticated console types available in most AAA titles. Still, it's okay because you do not need pills.

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