The Internet Archive is working to preserve public Google+ posts before it shuts down

Google is ready to begin deleting data from its besieged social network, Google+, in April, but before that happens, the Internet Archive and ArchiveTeam say they are working to preserve public publications on the platform before they disappear to forever.

In a publication on Reddit, the sites announced that they had begun their efforts to archive the publications using scripts to capture and back up the data in an effort to preserve it. The teams say their efforts will only cover the publications that are currently available to the public: they will not be able to back up publications that are marked as private or deleted. They also urge people who do not want their content to be archived to have their accounts removed, and they pointed out a procedure to request the removal of specific content. They also note that they will not be able to capture everything: the discussions have a limit of 500 comments, "but it only presents a subset of these as static HTML." It is not clear if the long discussion topics will be maintained. They also say that the images and the video will not be preserved at full resolution.

Google announced that it would close the social networking service last October after a major security issue that exposed user information. At that time, he noticed that the service had a "low use and commitment" by the users, and that most sessions lasted only about 5 seconds. After the revelations of a second security breach, Google increased its timeline to close the service and announced earlier this year that it would begin eliminating consumer data on April 2. In February, Google closed the ability to create new profile pages and communities.

The two teams promoted their mission of preserving parts of the Internet for people to see in the future, and cite their efforts to save content from websites before they disappear, such as Tumblr and Flickr.

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