The Internet Archive is working to preserve public Google+ posts before it shuts down

Google will begin deleting data from its social network Google+ in April, but prior to that, Internet Archives and ArchiveTeam say they are working to preserve the platform's public posts before it goes away forever.

In Reddit's post, the site announced that it has begun an effort to archive posts using scripts to capture and back up data for retention. The team says their efforts will only include posts that are currently open to the public. This means that you can not back up posts that are marked private or deleted. We have also pointed out the process of urging people who do not want to archive their content to delete their account and requesting removal of certain content. They also note that they can not capture everything. Annotation threads have 500 annotations. "But only some of them are presented in static HTML, and it is not clear that long discussion threads will be preserved." They also say that images and video will not be preserved at full resolution.

Google announced in October that it will block social media services after a major security issue disclosing user data has been announced. At the time, the service pointed out that "the usage was low and the participation was low" and that most sessions lasted about 5 seconds. After the second security breach was announced, we announced that we had rescheduled the service disruption and will begin removing consumer data on April 2 of this year. In February, we ended the ability to create new profile pages and communities.

The two teams have touted the mission of preserving the Internet portion that people can see in the future, and use Tumblr and Flickr to describe their efforts to save the content of the website before it disappears.

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