The inside of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is marvelously messy

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will not launch until April 26, but if it has been eagerly waiting for a glimpse under the hood, a pre-production version of the collapsible phone has already been disassembled and placed piece by piece in photos. . These were originally hosted on the Weibo microblogging site, although the originals have already been removed.

Something that should not be a big surprise: many parts are needed to build a folding phone. All are arranged in a way that seems hard enough to repair, although that is probably because Fold is a first generation product, which you may not guess when you hold the elegant exterior of the Fold.

These pictures our lightest aspect so far is what makes this ambitious, faulty and very expensive phone work. But we hope that more detailed breakdowns will occur soon.

The hinge is the heart of the fold that helps deploy the 7.3-inch folding screen and keeps it secure. It seems quite robust from the inside, and we can see that it is reinforced at three points, perhaps to prevent it from collapsing in case of a fall. Several photos above show two ribbon cables routed through the hinge, probably to drive both the large and foldable screen and the smaller 4.6-inch screen on its front, and perhaps also to send power to the second phone battery (yes, there are two) when it is in a charger.

Speaking of batteries, one of them has "TBD mAh" capacity in the list, which indicates that it is likely to be a preproduction unit. "data-chorus-optimize-field =" main_image "src =" data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAUEBAAAACwAApartication of the parts of the prospecting of company information [...] -cdata = "{" asset_id ": 16177274," ratio ":" * "}

Both cables that extend through the hinge are printed "L" and "R". That could help explain the "jelly offset" effect of the screen that we detected in our review, if it turns out that the left and right halves of the screen receive different video signals, as seen in the previous GIF, the text and the images seem to be a little behind on the left side of the folding screen compared to the right side.

Before we published the published Fold, its flexible screen was giving us some problems to say the least We were not the only ones in having problems with this, but some debris I find They put their way into our review unit after a day of use. The photos do not necessarily highlight areas of particular weakness that would have allowed that to happen. One of the photos shows the flexible screen extracted from the chassis of the phone, and it seems that there is no piece to keep it. Since the dismantling documentation has been removed from Weibo, it is not clear if this screen is too easy to remove, but a vital protective layer is still applied, or if it is removed.

These photos offer a glimpse of the Galaxy Fold, but there are still more questions than answers. We do not know the disassembly methodology, so it is difficult to know exactly what each component is responsible for and how difficult it will be to repair this phone

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