The Google walkout offers a playbook for successful corporate protests

Business is not democracy. However, companies born from democracy sometimes show value, just as social networks cite social networks as the first amendment to draft policy on content modification.

Protests are not limited to democracy, of course. Nonetheless, there was an amazing democracy about today's Google strike, where thousands of Googlers walked desks to quickly isolate sexual harassment victims from their companies and demonstrate leadership issues. Many loosely connected people moved to common action and sought relief for their complaints.

And in the long term, they think they will succeed.

The root cause of today's incident is that Andy Rubin, the co-founder of the New York Times (19459008) last week, found that he received a $ 90 million redemption package despite discovering charges of sexual harassment against him. A New York blockbuster story. It was one of the sexual harassment cases discovered by the Times on September 19, 1945 .

In an immediate aftermath, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees that 48 people were harassed by sexual harassment. Last two years. But today's protests have been so powerful that they showed the world about violent sexual harassment and unequal treatment of women.

"There are thousands of different stories about every story in the NYT." An anonymous Google employee told BuzzFeed Caroline O & # 39; Donovan. "So many people are involved."

O'Donovan attended one of the workouts held today at Google's offices in the world, capturing a heartbreaking story about his colleagues . "I made it clear that I was in trouble," Nancy reported to HR.

She cried in the car every day before work.

"They can not talk to anyone about this issue anymore, and they have recommended treatment," Nancy said with tears. "Do not worry, keep working with this person." Despite the investigation, nothing happened. Nancy said she worked with him for three months. During that time she said that she cried in the car every day before work.

These incidents are certainly not happening only on Google. However, the company maintains high standards, and due to its high level of technology and extreme selectivity, it can have a unique impact on its employer in finding other jobs. Google employees are very smart and know that this fact is true and they have held a partial strike to encourage other workers to take responsibility for their employers as well.

As an employee said today

Stapleton, YouTube product marketing manager for Google, who helped call Claire's bankruptcy filing, said the number of employees identified was higher than expected .

"We said she said

One of the reasons is that the conversation is overflowing in both mainstream and social media. Thousands of Googlers have gone out on the streets to complain about their employers. The cut shows a list of requests from organizers of the strikers, including a list of requests from the organizers of the strikers (19459007) Dealbook Sundar Pichai CEO unfairly agreed to stand on the stage at the conference, said in an interview He said: "We are trying to do better because we have not always done right. . "

I felt a rare surge of optimism today, when Google's ripples felt like events of other times, when the power of social media seemed primarily to be used primarily to tell the truth, rather than to dismantle our reality


Freedom of the Internet continues to decline around the world, and the new world continues to decline

. ] Democracy


Many concerns about Freedom House's 2018 Internet Freedom Report.

In the United States, Internet freedom has declined in 2018 due to the abolition of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) net neutrality rules. Other countries are much worse. Seventeen of the 65 respondents selected online media regulation. Thirteen of them indicted citizens suspected of spreading false information. More countries are embracing China's education and technology, as Freedom House explains in an effort to export censorship and surveillance systems around the world.

YouTube executives warn EU thirteenth group is harming remix, fan video.

Lynd Youtube's world music director, Cohen, is the latest YouTube executive to announce a blog post that blames YouTube's (Copyright Directive). Article 13 says Cohen will harm musicians and independent producers. (19659024) "I understand and support the intent of Article 13. Rights holders need an effective way to protect their content," Cohen wrote. "But we believe that the present proposal will have serious and unintended consequences for the entire industry, and we have two weeks to work together for a better final bill, and the music industry really needs to pay attention to these unintended consequences. "

Of the 56 firms that do not want Trent to undermine their transgender rights, Apple

Big Tech companies were born on Thursday at the Trump Administration. I am telling you not to change federal policies that define sex based on city biochemical sex.

Does Google's homepage news feed repeat Facebook mistakes?

Dieter Bohn Google's feed launch is becoming an unstable threat in the same way as Facebook.

On weekends, social media finds out about two radical domestic terrorists, and then Google's new attempt at algorithmic news feeds is as follows. "Hello, Google reads the harassing room."

We live in an age of seeing real tragedies inspired by some form of awf. Ulness for social media everyday. We sometimes struggle to clearly define online causal relationships to these tragedies, but it is not that difficult in the last few weeks. So it's a pretty inappropriate time for Google to decide to insert another news feed in front of millions (or billions) of people. It was probably not the 19659031 time in 2018 when Google could decide to release a new news feed that would not have felt like this, but it seems to have been particularly bad this week.

The online troll of Russia went viral.

Peter Aldhous writes about Microsoft's new study of how Russians have used virus sharing.

Most of the Russian trolls have made little progress, but star performers have recorded a big hit. Sometimes the mainstream media can overcome divisive events. In other cases, their tweets have been inserted into widely read news articles. In March 2017, an article on the Kremlin's fake black identity news site ranked high on Microsoft's Bing search engine, causing a tremendous traffic surge.

All of this is "the ease with which a malicious actor can utilize society" 19659036]

Russian Internet troll cling to Trump and canceled comedy show

Georgia Wells and Lopper I write about the article I wrote when I tweeted it. It does not undermine democracy. It was captured by a comedy broadcast of @midnight allowing viewers to play a foolish joke.

One of the troll's most popular tweets was the response to #RedneckAMovie. Tweet "Come to the future, listen later?" I like more than 140. Topic # "Order Frying Order" from MarriageAdviceIn3Words – Reference to spouse who do not want to share – 174 retweeted

Evan Spiegel has asserted that he will keep Snap as an independent company.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said Thursday that his company will remain independent for the next five years. Based on recent trends, it is time to hire and fire more than 3,600 senior business executives.

Chinese fluffy king wants to conquer the world.

Raymond Zhong creates a profile for his parents as TikTok is raised in the United States. company: ByteDance:

The bird did not realize that TikTok was made in China. One of the most interesting questions about Byktance is how to make a company that demilitates self-expression.

Bytedance was founded in 2012 and has not dominated the bite-size video market. For years, the company's best-known product is a news aggregator that uses Jinri Toutiao, not Douyin, to figure out what the user likes and then provide more.

Canadian children have seen thousands of unsafe ads. A Study on Social Media: Studies

A new study by the University of Ottawa shows that social media is saturated with ads for fatty foods aimed at children.

According to a study commissioned by Heart & Stroke, children displayed an average of 111 ads a week on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube, or an average of 5,772 ads a year.

Most of the ads promoting fat-rich ultra-light foods and beverages found salt or sugar.

The Facebook Dilemma Review: A message that can not be ignored

John Anderson praised two Facebook documentaries on Frontline this week. (I have not seen it.)

There are not really many "must see" TVs, but "The Facebook Dilemma" is eligible. Part 1, which is broadcast on Monday night, contains a warning about the dangers posed by Facebook to democratic institutions. The second part of Tuesday deals with "fake news" and the company's response or lack of accusation that it made possible the collapse of electoral politics. It's never too easy for this program to clarify the important issues raised with Facebook algorithms, and it's too vague for many.

The next cash cow in Instagram: Promote Instant Advertising

Now Instagram, Josh on Facebook can show off more fake brand stories to more people. Constine reports:

Using a new ad type called "Promote" for Stories allows you to show temporary slideshows to more users without having to do much on Instagram business pages. Managers can automatically target followers, users who are similar to users in a specific location, or use the full targeting parameters of Instagram to insert stories into more users' Story queues. tracks bot activity, amplified images and viral links in social media.

How Mark Zuckerberg Failed Too Far

Farhad Manjoo says Mark Zuckerberg can be effectively responsible. Anyone:

Facebook without Zuckerberg (34) can tell us how irresponsible our biggest technology company is. Zuckerberg has become one of the world's biggest and most powerless people thanks to his driving skills and talent. Like the wrong oil company or sugar pumping food company, Facebook makes big decisions that have a big impact on society and it gets big profits from chaos.

However, due to the tenure of Zuckerberg's stock ownership of Facebook,

there is no need to go to the Dark Web to find conspiracy theories of hatred – the New York Times

Jim Rutenberg It points out as follows. The nonpartisan rhetoric I use often extends to the work paid for by major publishers, media companies, and theater chains.

On the "Liars, Leakers and Liberals" page, Jeanine Pirro, Fox News's owner. Pirro's book, published by Center Street, a division of the Hachette Book Group in July, says the author's "worldly open-top government" is trying to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election. [19659067] "The assailants of this anti-American prison include, but are not limited to, the leadership of the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA."

And finally …

Social network algorithms are more fun for me than helping people by chance. There is little to give. Brian Krebs became LinkedIn's winner.

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