The Google Stadia game controller feels surprisingly great

Google took advantage of its Stadia cloud gaming platform, showing a bold but largely unproven vision of the future of games that involve distributing and playing software in real time over the Internet. We still do not know much about how Stadia will work, how much it will cost, whether it will work as a Netflix-style subscription service for consumers or whether it will use a different business model, or when it will come out this year. . But we got the custom driver that Google built, the only physical part of the Stadia package.

Surprisingly, the Stadia driver feels and looks great. Of course, we could not prove it in a live demonstration of Stadia, but we could go to practice with the same white and orange model that was used on stage during the revelation. It has a weight and texture similar to the recent gamepads of Xbox One, specifically the one that was launched with the redesign of Xbox One S, but with the design of the thumb lever of the DualShock 4.