The FTC is reportedly divided about how to hold Facebook accountable for privacy lapses

According to a new report from the New York Times the Federal Trade Commission is having difficulty agreeing to the appropriate penalties for Facebook's privacy breach, and members specifically point out that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is personally responsible It should be.

Facebook said it would face an enormous fine for the FTC due to publicly invading privacy and that it would have to make $ 3 billion to cover its fines and create a new location in the company that focuses on privacy. When last quarter's turnover reached $ 15.1 billion, $ 3 billion was hit on the company's wrist. According to the Times & # 39; report, the FTC has a severe punishment for the company (up to $ 22 million, the maximum amount for Google by 2012), but how far to go I could not decide whether I wanted to. Not only did this report fail to reach an agreement on the size of the penalty, citing people familiar with the talks, but "one of the most controversial scales throughout the negotiations is on Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

FTC Joseph Simons is reported to be ready to approve the deal with three Republicans, while the other two Democrats are facing more stringent punishment, but Simmons is a legitimate decision that could lead to political disruption or potential litigation. And moreover, if it is perceived as soft, it could undermine public confidence in the FTC's ability to adequately oversee IT companies as Europe implements more stringent regulations on its own. It is expected to vote for

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