The Freewrite Traveler is more portable and cuter than the original distraction-free typewriter

After a simple attempt to create an Internet-connected clapper, the Astrohaus team returns to its roots with a new typewriter. Today we introduce Freewrite's successor, the foldable Freewrite Traveler. Designed to increase portability while allowing users to type on the move and store their work in the cloud. The key idea is that writers can write without the temptation of a browser or app.

The traveler weighs 1.8 pounds compared to the original 4 pounds. This may be due, in part, to keyboard changes. Freewrite features a full-size mechanical keyboard with a Cherry MX Brown key switch. The Traveler has a thinner scissor switch keyboard, which may be less seductive to users with rough mechanical keyboards, but they have to be swapped out to make Traveler lighter and thinner. The new device retains the original 6-inch E ink display and is still charged via USB-C. Astrohaus says traveler's battery should last about 30 hours. Early new discounts on Indiegogo will cost $ 269 and will eventually be sold for $ 599. One color, white interior and black exterior

Though the hardware is not completely different, Astrohaus gives the user flexibility in software. People could not skip documents before. OTA could not be modified without deleting everything that was written after that. Now, however, users can go back and modify their work. You can still cut and paste paragraphs, but at least you can remove annoying errors.

As with the first Freewrite, you can back up your documents in Astrohaus for archiving, Google Drive, Evernote and Postbox. If someone has both Freewrite and Freewrite Traveler, you can access your work through the device.

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