The Fan Bingbing saga shows China’s willingness to control overly wealthy celebrities

The most popular actor in China Bingbing (19459003) X Men: The era of the future (19459004) has disappeared this summer due to tax evasion. This month, an apology for breaking the law was posted on her social media account, and fans were ordered to pay 884 million yuan ($ 127 million) to avoid criminal prosecution. Last week, she appeared as a paparazzi scene, but Bruce Willis was canceled in 19459003 Air Strike (19459003) or [TheBigBomb].

In four months, one of the most famous and beloved women in China has become a symbol of corruption as a saga that captures Chinese social media. What's up?

Started in May, TV presenter Cui Yongyuan started after screening a social media service, Weibo, which appears to be a fan employment contract for the sequel to the 2003 film <19459003> Cell Phone . She said she could earn 10 million yuan ($ 1.4 million) and earn 1,500 yuan ($ 215) for two luxury cars and daily food allowances. Cui uses captions to "Do not bother the smoke, suck it really!"

The next day he once again showed that Fan is getting money through two different contracts. One is worth RMB 10 million and the other is RMB 50 million ($ 7.2 million). Only the first contract will be disclosed to the tax authorities, and the second contract will remain confidential so that the fans will not pay taxes, a common practice known as "yin-yang contract". He also said that only actresses should work. Combine for 40 million yuan for 4 days.

Fan's studio threatened to sue Cui for defamation. Bizarrely, Koo apologized for attacking the fans and said in an interview with local media that the two contracts he shared had nothing to do with her. But rather the "gang" of others who participated in the conception of him. However, when fans were fined in October, he encouraged people to reject Air Strike . He was also able to pay 100,000 yuan ($ 14,393) for internal charges for fan exposure.

In June, the Chinese tax authorities released new rules for the film industry, restricting their ability to earn the vast wealth of top actors such as Fan. Actors no longer add more than 70% of the wages of actors or make up more than 40% of the production cost. Although fans were not mentioned in the announcement, the tax authorities criticized the film industry for "money worship" and young people "blindly chasing celebrities." According to the timing and expression of this announcement, Accumulated.

By the way, in July, the fans disappeared. According to Chinese media reports, the authorities are investigating her and prevented her from leaving China. The report was soon deleted and was probably pulled by the national inspectors. Social media posts that ask her disappear have also been removed. Despite censorship, what happened to the fans became a hot topic in China and online. Her name was the day she declared her sentence was the best search result in search engine Baidu.

the fan bingbing saga shows chinas willingness to control overly wealthy celebrities

Baidu's main news article after tax authorities announces Bingbing fines

Over the past two years, Fan has approved 122 brands including Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Mercedes-Benz and Cartier. But as her scandals continued, many companies began to distance. Thailand's travel retailer, King Power, crashed in September as a brand ambassador, and Swisse, an Australian vitamin brand, did not use fans in his promotional photos. Montblanc confirmed in September that he had signed the New York Times with his fans. August, New posters for movies, before the Chinese cancellation of Air Strike except for fans. Although she is not on the black list, Fan Bingbing is a name that is now contaminated in China.

Why fans are spinning

China's movie industry is full of Yin Yang contract. If so, why did your fans specifically target you? The most obvious answer is her cultural and financial ability. It is clear that the popularity of Xi Jinping in China is a problem due to the small height of the fans' stardom.

In March, Sai abolished the presidential term limit by 2022. A reform era in which new leaders gain strength every ten years and shape the state in different ways. Some even compared Mao Zedong and Xi, who developed character worship and created a "top leader" style that could maintain control even if it was not a "top leader" but an official name.

But in social media, Xi is not always that good. In fact, it is a place where you can mock people and enjoy free expression. This ridicule is heavily censored, but sometimes the memes escape. A lot of people compared it with Winnie the Pooh, the Chinese government banned Winnie the Pooh movies.

On the contrary, social media posts on fans and her reputation were overwhelmingly positive ahead of the tax evasion scandals. They mainly focused on her beauty and her charity activities. Since it broke into the movie industry 15 years ago, fans have become iconic. This is a dangerous thing to the government and the problem becomes complicated only by gender.

Fans once told Chinese reporters: "I do not have to marry a wealthy family, I am a rich family of mine." It was a seemingly innocuous statement that could be interpreted as subversive in a patriarchal state. The sense that a strong woman can be self-sufficient, manless, and able to run this world means that a series of true threats, rather than a series of Beyonce lyrics, is being taken seriously by Beijing. The true "existential horror" faced by a woman who seized power through the affluent and reputation, as Jiayang Fan of New Yorker (19459004) said.

Fans' rags-rich success story became a communist moral story about how rich people should be embarrassed and punished for excess. Perhaps Beijing Normal University and the Social Science Academy of Social Sciences announced in September that only nine out of 100 television and film personalities were "socially responsible". For celebrities' professional profits, charitable contributions, and overall integrity, the researchers ignored the fan's substantial charity and gave it the lowest score on a scale of 100.

On October 3rd the fans re-appeared in Weibo as "Letters of Apology". If there is no great policy of the party and the nation without love of the people, "I lose my ability to govern myself in the face of economic interests, and I am breaking the law." 19459003 She signed the Yin-Yang contract for Air Strike and admitted that the fan had been tax evaded, and even though she believed that she had written an apology, it was almost certainly produced under conditions imposed by the government.

Weibo's film director, after eight years of work, "To avoid the tax, other celebrities who used the Yin – Yang contract received a grace period, paying the money before December 31 and exempting them from the punishment.

For more than a decade, fans have been powerful and tough women, and her honest The reverence for Guo and Beijing is exactly what the government has been looking for when she takes her away from her return to the status quo that will put her in her seat … another story under the background of accusations of tax evasion and excessive excess spending : A subtle power struggle between a strong woman in China and a powerful leader. The latter seems victorious.

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