The electric Pininfarina Battista is my new dream car

Hypercars are like big cities. It is more glamorous from a distance and less suitable for those who live an honest life, and may be restricted to claustrophobia in the interior space. The Geneva Motor Show is full of them every year. But in 2019, Pininfarina delivered an exception with 1,900-horsepower (all electric Battista). This is one of the few cars that wants more since . I've seen people who have never seen before.

Luca Borgogno, director of design at Pininfarina, said of Battista: "I do not care what I want with that $ 150 ex monopoly and hype. When we show Battista a differentiated design in front of the car And Pininfarina to be Italian, with a sensual curve to give back the feeling of being really symbolic. "I can not speak Italian in order to save my life, but the flowing curve of Batista clearly tells me .

This car is fantastic. The butterfly door incorporates a spoon that lets air flow around your body, allowing you to create expressive designs any time you are open. The thin red aluminum line along the sides of the Bianco Sestriere Battista in Geneva perfectly blends with the red brake calipers and taillights. They add color to the contrasting black and white trendy combo. (See also Honda e Prototype and Polestar 2), and gives some hints about the speed of the red inside.

That is really charming. The Pininfarina Motor: The fact that aggressive and streamlined looks match the performance metrics of a completely different world. It can produce a total of 1,900 horsepower even with a 120 kWh large battery and a motor for each wheel, but maintains 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Even the most urgent midnight at White Castle must have a top speed of over 217 mph (350 km / h). And the promised 280 miles / 450 km range feels an incredible little touch. Hyper cars are not actually available in environments other than racetracks. Battista, who has betrayed his ambition as a more versatile luxury car, has baggage for the driver and passengers behind the baggage.

Pininfarina has long been a car designer, not a manufacturer or technology leader. It is worth noting that powertrain technology backed by Battista is provided by Rimac without a clear claim. Last year, we launched the amazing electric car Rimac Concept Two, a Croatian engineering outfit that supplies high-performance electrical components for Aston Martin Valkyrie and Jaguar E-type Zero. The Indian automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra holds a stake in Pininfarina, and the involvement of the Battista project should ensure that the manufacturing aspects of the business are handled properly.

The supercised specicated for me is that it is top quality inside as beautiful on the outside. I just do not mean leather that is luxurious and perfectly inherited. There is enough room for both the driver and passengers to make the car go in and out with the aforementioned butterfly door.

Critics may call the triple-screen instrument cluster an awkward mess reading behind the wheel. And, well, they're right. But I overlook the slip. This is especially true for vehicles designed to keep their attention on the road.

For the first time, I came into the lust for the Geneva Motor Show. I will not be able to touch the millions of dollars again. What's special about it is not the Italian marque with future specs, designs, or stories, but the way that all of it combines into one irresistible, tremendous whole.

Vlad Savov / cliff photo

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