The company behind the dual-screen YotaPhone is bankrupt

We have followed the Russian YotaPhone since 2012, but it seems that the power cut of the dual screen handsets supported by E Ink is over. Yota Devices refers to the Clearing Notice issued on and Liliputing Cayman Islands Gazette (PDF).

Russian media reported that the company eventually went bankrupt with lawsuits. YotaPhone manufacturer sued Hi-P Singapore, the first two YotaPhones makers, to $ 126 million in 2015. YotaPhone refused to deliver the minimum number of calls agreed to order. (2016 The Financial Times reported that the first two YotaPhones sold about 75,000 units.) Hi-P agreed to use $ 17 million instead, but the deal is over.

YotaPhone has not been recently linked to Western or even Russia. The company failed to ship YotaPhone 2 to the US in 2015 despite surpassing the Indiegogo crowdfunding target and decided to withdraw from the UK and Russia at the end of 2016 and relocated the business to China instead.

Through investments in China and China, Yota has begun selling YotaPhone 3 in China despite its promise to appear in "Russia and other markets."

Now you will not see any other YotaPhone. However, if you are interested in a multi-screen handset, a new collapsible device can fill the hole in your heart.

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