The company behind Maker Faire and Make magazine has abruptly shut down

According to TechCrunch Maker Media, which issued magazine magazine and Maker Faire, dismissed its employees and suspended operations due to financial problems.

Dale Dougherty, CEO and founder of Maker Media, confirmed to TechCrunch that his company had been shut down and that 22 employees had been fired due to lack of magazine issuance and financial support. "I started 15 years ago, and I am always having a hard time doing business to do it." TechCrunch . "

Maker released in 2005, has become a major publication covering" Maker Movement ". Maker Movement is an all-inclusive culture with creative production and tinkering. 3D printing, electronics, robotics, metal and woodworking, and other research. The company launched its first maker faire a year later in San Mateo, California, and has since licensed hundreds of exhibitions worldwide.

TechCrunch Dougherty strives to keep the magazine online and license its name to future events without completely ruining the company. "We want to be able to manage and restart our assets. We do not have to do everything we have done in the past, but we are committed to maintaining print magazines and the Maker Fair licensing program."

Over the years, we have faced financial difficulties. People in 2016, and 7 people earlier this year. The company held the latest Maker Faire event last month.

The collapse of the company is a huge blow to the larger production community. Rather than relying on the company that manufactures gadgets and products, it provides a central outlet that encourages people to learn how to make their own things. Through events and magazines, we provided directionality, notable creators and project ideas. Adam Savage, a co-founder, regularly attended Faire on Twitter said it was "a very sad day," and told The Verge that "Make media is an important link between people around the world. I believe that something new will grow out of what they have built, and the land they have produced is too fertile to be a resting plover for a long time, "he said.

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