The Blue Yeti X’s real-time LED metering sounds ideal for podcasts and live streaming

Blue's latest USB microphone, the Yeti X, is aimed directly at transmitters, podcast hosts and other content creators. The most visible update: real-time LED measurement on the microphone, which lets you know when the gain is too low (or in red) during recording.

The big knob on the face of the new microphone is its command center, and you will probably use it a lot to adjust the levels and switch between its three modes. In addition to displaying the measurement, the knob can increase the gain in the microphone and, as expected, will be silenced if you click inward.

the blue yeti xs real time led metering sounds ideal for podcasts and live streaming


You can also toggle between two other modes by holding the knob for two seconds. One controls the volume and the other is the mixing mode, which allows you to find the perfect balance between, for example, the audio of your game versus your comments. The combination is perhaps the most useful and welcome feature in the Yeti X, since it usually requires software or a separate hardware audio mixer, although it may still not be enough to tempt existing Yeti owners to upgrade.

The new Logitech Blue Voice software (previously detected on the Logitech G Pro headset) also allows you to adjust the equalizer of your voice and then save it to a preset. The software offers several prefabricated options, but you can also customize them and then change them when the situation requires a different type of vocal style.

Like Blue's previous microphones, you'll find another knob on the back of the Yeti X that changes the way you record the sound. This model has four microphone capsules arranged inside, instead of three, and you can turn the knob if you want to change from recording only you to record to a group of people surrounding the microphone. Here is more information about the four modes, as Blue details:

The cardioid mode captures the sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, the omnidirectional mode captures the sound equally around the microphone, the bi-directional mode records both from the front as from the back of the microphone while rejecting the sides, and the stereo mode uses the left and right channels to capture immersive audio experiences.

The Yeti X is compatible with Windows and macOS computers, as well as with most Android phones through a USB-C adapter, says blue. With a resolution of 24 bits / 48 kHz and without an analog XLR connector, it's not as versatile as the Blue Yeti Pro of $ 250, but it doesn't cost that much either. It will launch in October for $ 169.99.

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