The Best Pc Action Games for 2021

In the past, the PC was the thinker’s video game console. You can find in-depth strategy games like Civilization or Starcraft or groundbreaking first-person shooters like Doom or Half-Life. For flashy, fleeting action games, played in arcades or consoles. Fortunately, you can now play all types of games on your personal computer. Today’s best PC games include action-packed hits.

The action genre is surprisingly tricky to define. An action game contains a lot of combat, but it is not a fighting game or melee game. “Action-Adventure” games may have narrative, exploration, or puzzle-solving elements, but too many people tilt the title towards the realm of role-playing games or adventure games. It’s more than a little subjective.

The video game genre is more fluid than ever, but above all else on this list, we’ve focused on PC games that prioritize action-packed thrills. Here are some of the best PC action games you should download right now.

1.  Batman: Arkham City Download Free

Batman: Arkham City

The middle chapter of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy best strikes a balance between the dense and thoughtful level design and the open-world Gotham City, allowing the Caped Crusader to patrol. Mr. You will meet famous villains including Freeze, Hugo Strange, and League of Shadows. The game’s still revolutionary combat system gives you the joy of tearing apart hordes of regular guys and henchmen.

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2.  Bayonetta Free Download


Hideki Kamiya basically invented a stylized character action game formula with the original Devil May Cry. With the crew of PlatinumGames, the infamous Twitter troll took the genre to new heights with Bayonetta. You play as a bizarre witch who sadistically slaughters angels with attacks from her hair. Don’t be fooled by the foolish tone. You will need to master a deep and varied combat system to seize the opportunity.

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3. Daemon x Machina Download Free

Daemon x Machina

Giant robots make everything better, and this includes video games. Daemon Ex Machina is a modern reinterpretation of classic mechanical action. Use guns, missiles, and occasionally laser swords to fight mechanical enemies on colorful and polished battlefields. After one battle, collect new gear from fallen enemies and customize your machines for the next mission.

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4. Darksiders III Free Download

Darksiders III

The original Darksiders were a great mashup of Zelda-style adventures, God of War-like combat, and enough knowledge to put Doom to shame. The hellish legacy continues in Darksiders III, a game in which you play as Fury, the rider of the apocalypse. Inspired by the recent Souls game, Darksiders III focuses on brutal battles against small groups of enemies instead of unwittingly killing huge hordes.

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5. Enders Zone: Second Runner Mars Download Free

Enders Zone: Second Runner Mars

Need more mechanical action in your game life? Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Mars is a 4K update to the PlayStation 2 Konami cult classic. Fast combat, cool weapons, and polished animated visuals are timeless, even if some issues reveal the true age of the game. Still, whenever an old game gets an unexpected new life opportunity, you have a duty to turn it around.

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6. Binary domain Free Download

Binary domain

On paper, it’s not very good. First dubbed the Binary Domain, the game features a hero whose design outline is ‘draw a man with muscles’ and attempts a misguided voice system that sees it ringing ignored commands to warlike companions such as the park’s angry dog ​​owner. But! Binary domains may be the biggest 7/10 of all time. 7/10 is so powerful that it becomes 9/10 with sheer power out of seven.

Binary Domain happened when the Yakuza team attempted to fuel the cover shooter craze in the early 2010s. It’s full of hostile robots, though, leaving Kamurocho behind for another futuristic Tokyo. And giant robot animals. And a friendly French robot wearing a trendy scarf. It feels like a cynical bid to a western audience, but that doesn’t stop the team’s bizarre energy from bursting out.

Sticky cover mechanics and ambiguous AI alliances get the most right when talking about the team’s lack of genre experience. It feels good to shoot. This depends on the nature of the enemy. The armored robot chews on the outer layer and eventually breaks like porcelain when it cuts off its limbs and head. The decapitated robot will tease and explode its friends as the perfect reward for your accuracy. Legless droids pull themselves along the floor, creating a busy action where the damn thing doesn’t stop.

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7. Red Dead Redemption 2 Download Free

Red Dead Redemption 2

We’ve been writing a little bit about cowboy games so far, but it’s never been easier to resist the urge to open up to some kind of dead fan variation on “yee-haw” and the like. In fact, we did not yield to temptation by confessing instead. Because, of course, RDR2 is just as good as its immersive western clichés you’ll find in games. It can’t be called a ‘cowboy game’.

It’s a huge playground where you can become a cowboy and hunt, gamble, shootout, camp, catch beans, fish, peek, ramie, bank rob, train rob, blackjack, horse groom, and bird pop. Swamp in the content of your mind. If you can imagine a cowboy doing that, you probably can in the game. You can also go to a late Victorian movie theater or take a relaxing bath.

A game worth it has a story that’s far more exciting than it should be. In fact, we rate the character quite highly. This is especially true of Arthur Morgan, the protagonist who is genuinely thinking about the classic ‘morally ambiguous outlaw’ metaphor. He’s an idiot who doesn’t always know what his feelings are but isn’t afraid to talk about his own feelings. He is a murderer, but his heart is not entirely in him. It’s a big heart. Arthur. But overall there are stumps.

In fact, to reveal his story, he has no choice but to keep him slaughtered. There is only one way to pass the given mission. Such methods are often completely at odds with the impressions built up in Arthur’s head, as they usually pass through the lake of bloodshed by Arthur. So take him on an endless and purposeless odyssey of vague cowboy activity. As with the best open-world games, this digital west won’t run out of things to do if you give up. Complete the narrative.

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8. Rise of the Tomb Raider Free Download

Rise of the Tomb Raider

After the 2013 reboot, Rise Of The Tomb Raider feels like Lara Croft’s new series, Rough, Tuff Survival Adventures, has really found a foothold. 2018’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider had some great puzzle and platform tombs, but Rise combines a traditional Croatian theft of ancient artifacts with some really cool survival and action bits. So that’s why we chose it.

The bloody cold will increase your sense of danger and isolation. For most of Rising, Lara is stranded in Siberia on her hind legs, so cleaning and hunting to improve her gear feels more important. The moment when she can warm her up by her poor little fire seems like a real relief to Lara. Lara captures a much more metaphorical heat is rising, but she offers a Buncha gun and quiet stealth options.

In Shadow, the emphasis is a lot more on the latter, but Rise is super fun because you know that if things go south and you’re spotted by Trinity’s corps, you at least have a huge shotgun backing you up. The rise has even more tense animal encounters that convey the spirit of the classic Tomb Raider game. If you’re not sure where to start with a reboot, joining Lara from Russia’s frozen waste in a parka is probably the way to go.

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9. Castlevania: Lord of Shadows Download Free

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow

I know I said no Metroidvanias on this list, but listen. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow isn’t what you think it is. The name may have gotten entangled with Nintendo’s twisty space blaster series over the years, but Lords of Shadow is linear. And by the goalie, it is also a cork. Once again, it’s a classic clash between the Belmonts and the great king Drac.

This time, Gabriel B climbs onto the Belmont Plate and, armed with his trusty combat cross, he must navigate swamps, temples, forests, lakes, and all kinds of dungeons before he can finally face Arch’s enemies. It’s as spacious and clichéd as it gets, but has a retro feel to it in style and structure. Rebuild into the epic 3D adventure you’ve always dreamed of using the DNA of Super Castlevania IV. In fact, with developer Mercurysteam all involved in the type of wildlife design you’d expect from a Guillermo del Toro movie, Lords of Shadow continues to have a stunning nuance of beauty to this day.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Gabriel’s deadly combat crosses turned Aaaah into a spooky Aaaah. This retractable chain whip wields and slashes with lethal precision, and is perhaps the closest thing to the Blades of Chaos of God of War, one of the closest the PC has. It is arguably one of the most satisfying hacks and slashes weapons. Combat Cross isn’t just great for twisting demons and doing your best.

But Mortal Kombat’s impressions. It also acts as a hook, allowing Gabriel to soar higher as he heads for Dracula’s castle, which is forever approaching the horizon, whether it’s taking down the game’s Shadow of the Colossus-style titan boss or sniffing the secret areas of the world. around him. Lords of Shadow can be a bit serious at times, and on this list are other games that play ‘evil, screen-eating demons’ with a little more style and playful flair.

In terms of epic scale and thrilling set pieces, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow still holds its place as one of today’s action giants. Also, Sir Patrick Stewart is messing around with this as the game’s narrator and Gabriel’s mate Jobeck, making it more enjoyable than anything you’ll hear in the rising Of The Tomb Raider. Shame on the sequel, huh?

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10. Nuclear throne Free Download

Nuclear throne

Nuclear Throne is more crunchy than a box of cornflakes. Nothing dies without bouncing in the wasteland, and no gunshots without an echo. Of all the praise for Vlambeer’s Roguelike, noise comes first. There is the sound of the crossbow and the sound of the wrench. The deep wailing of a big robot puppy is about to delight you. Every enemy is a joy to disassemble unless you disassemble first.

Disaster lurks behind a moment’s hesitation or a quick misjudgment. Then he returned to the beginning, once again running towards the throne. The road is paved with a fearsome death. You will blow yourself up with your own bazooka. Shoot monuments and accidentally summon hyperdimensional cops. It will be eaten by maggots.

Will keep coming back though. You can continue to unlock characters, each with their own style. Use the telekinesis of snow-made creatures to reverse bullets, detonate corpses with melting mutants, and eat guns like robots. The throne gets a little closer with each attempt, and one day you’ll sit on top of it.

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