The Best Hidden New Features for iOS 13


Apple has put many new features in the latest version of iOS 13 that will be released in the coming weeks. Here is a look at some of the best hidden features you can expect.

In September, Apple will announce its line of iPhone 2019. The company will also reveal the release date for iOS 13. First announced Once in June, the iOS update stands out for bringing a dark mode to the iPhone for the first time. It also includes Memoji stickers, QuickPath typing and other new features that headlines capture. Lesser-known tools will also debut, including those that benefit photographers, drivers and more.

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At this year's World Developer Conference ( WWDC), Apple spent a lot of time discussing iPadOS 13, the first version of iOS specific to iPad in the history of the tablet. Some of the biggest new features in iPadOS 13 are also coming to iOS 13. Among these are the adhesive packages Memoji that are created automatically when a Memoji is created, which were first introduced with iOS 12 These stickers are easy to use to add some style in Messages, Mail and third-party applications.

  Memoji stickers

The latest version of iOS also includes Dark Mode that previously reached macOS Mojave. The new mode, which can be activated automatically at night or manually at any time, has been designed to make the iPhone screen easier for the eyes. By doing so, Dark Mode is integrated into the entire system. You no longer need to use the Smart Invert trick in iOS 12 to get a quasi-dark mode.

  Dark mode iOS 13

Another top-level feature that comes with iOS 13 is Log in with Apple . The feature allows you to log in to applications and websites with your Apple ID. To get started, tap "Sign in with Apple" in locations compatible with Face ID or Touch ID, and everything is ready.

The function is expected to compete with similar tools offered by companies such as Google and Facebook. Apple promises that your solution will not track or give you a profile, and the most information you will have to share with an application or website is your name and email address. Time will tell if Apple's promise lives up to expectations.

With QuickPath writing you can write by sliding from one letter to the next. Although it may be more useful on iPad, it also works very well on iPhone, which makes one-handed writing much more possible, especially on larger phones.

 Quick write

Start digging: Hidden Features

I've been using iOS 13 beta since it was first launched in June. Since then, I have fallen in love with many of the new, less publicized features of the update, including the ones I will mention below.

Photo application

Apple has spent a lot of time renewing the native photo application on iOS 13 Undoubtedly, it will spend much of this fall highlighting the new Photo tab of the application, which adds a new layer of healing when displaying the content according to the day, month and year. My new favorite tools of the Photos app are not so sexy, but they are equally beneficial for this amateur photographer and cameraman.

When digital photography finally realized, one of its many advantages was no longer having to worry about running out of the actual camera film. This meant for the first time being able to take unlimited photos (and videos), depending on the storage on your camera and then on your smartphone. However, not all images are created in the same way, and many should be deleted.

Small findings

Finding photos to delete on your iPhone, so far anyway, requires third-party solutions that allow you to delete mass images, or a lot of patience In iOS 13, it is easier to find and delete similar shots and disorder directly from the Photos application. Now, screenshots, imports and hidden files are automatically grouped and ready to be deleted.

The Photos app now also includes a new birthday mode that highlights your friends' photos on their big day. The search has also been improved in iOS 13, since you can now combine several words when searching for photos.

With videos, the editions are no longer destructive . In other words, the settings and effects, such as filters, are now removable so you can return to the original video. Even better, Apple has extended most photo editing tools to video . These include adjustments, filters and crop support. The new video edition supports all video formats captured on iPhone, including 4K video at 60 fps and slow motion in 1080p at 240 fps.

 Photo application on iOS 13

Camera [19659009] Apple has also added some settings to the Camera app on iOS 13. There is a new lighting effect portrait called High-Key Mono that places a monochrome subject on a white background. You can also adjust the intensity position of your studio lighting for each effect.

 High key mono camera application


The native application Maps continues to mature on iOS 13. In addition to adding more realistic details For roads, beaches, parks, buildings and more, the application includes a new tool Collections . You can track your favorite locations in each Collection (including maps, points of interest, etc.) and share them with family and friends. With Favorites you can create a list of places you visit often for quick one-touch navigation.

 Maps on iOS 13

The Maps application is also picking up a ETA Share feature that you can send to others estimating your arrival at a certain location. Many airports in the application also include real-time information on flight terminals, gate locations, departure times and more.

Other hidden features

Along with the dark mode, Apple also features Wallpapers optimized for the dark mode . Currently numbering four, these wallpapers automatically switch between light and dark. Hopefully, Apple adds more of this type of wallpaper once iOS 13 is finally released to the public.

 dark mode wallpaper

Finally, but certainly not least, is the improved performance of iOS 13. Apple claims that applications in the new iOS are released up to twice as fast than in previous versions. They are also smaller in download size . In addition, on iPhones with Face ID, Apple says that unlocking is 30 percent faster . Until the first full version of iOS 13 arrives, it is impossible to prove these claims. If it is correct, it should make the iOS experience even sweeter for end users.

Much to see

As usual, Apple has put many new features in the latest version of iOS. Many of these are probably not going to star in an upcoming Apple commercial or receive a thank you at the next Cupertino media event. However, these mostly hidden features are what have convinced me that iOS 13 is one of the most critical updates in years. Pay attention!

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