The best email app for iOS and Android

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a good email app. Even the best person in the world is an email application. In other words, it provides an endless flow of notifications, newsletters, spam, transactions, sales, invitations, requests and time and money.

Of course you need an email application. If you need to process e-mail, it should be fast. Good email apps on iOS or Android should load emails, refresh your inbox, reply to, archive, delete, and unsubscribe as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately, e-mail application is a tough time in the world. E-mail applications are disappearing in a day with applications like Newton. Astro, and even Google's Inbox all close in the last few weeks or near future. Simply put, creating good e-mail applications is difficult and it is more difficult to keep good e-mail applications.

Not everything is bad, but there are a few great options to help you accomplish what you want with the speed of the lightning and the completion of your email.

Best email app for iOS: Outlook

the best email app for ios and android

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Though it may sound ironic, the best app for iPhone is Microsoft's Outlook. Outlook with a clean design without too much frills helps you check your emails and get back to your life as soon as possible.

All the main features of modern email are as follows: Swipe gestures in your inbox to easily archive, delete, or pause email. The filtered "centralized" inbox attempts to sort out the important emails you really want to read from endless spam that actually appears. Support for iOS notification tasks that can be replying, marked as read, deleted, or archived when email arrives. Works with virtually any email service, including iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange, IMAP, and Outlook. .

Outlook has some life features that you can use for casual email. Press to open a new menu.) Quickly respond quickly to notes. A deeply integrated calendar is especially useful for adding events without having to look around between apps, especially if you've added email between events.

In particular, searches in Outlook are not the fastest when compared to Google's Gmail app. If you want advanced options such as mute a specific thread, you do not have it here.

But there is a big advantage to Outlook over other apps like Sparks or Edison. Outlook is a name that is almost synonymous with "email app". In a world where third-party apps penetrate or smoke from a drop of hat, even Google's inbox is unreliable, so Outlook provides a level of security that other applications do not.

For advanced users: Spark

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Spark is as sophisticated and easy to see as Outlook, but it is not easy to use.


You are an email user. There are a lot of things that Outlook does not offer. It is provided if you want to dig through the menu and list.

The app itself is fast and flexible, so it loads your email quickly. . As with all the latest email apps, there are customizable swipe gestures (Spark can add extra action for long and short swipes). There are additional options for the toolbar options in the pop-up widget wheel, side menu, and email viewer. Also check out all of the major email provider boxes like Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud and Outlook.

Spark also has a single notification option for all email apps on iOS. When you receive an email, you'll see what kind of previews to choose, whether to sort your notifications by thread, and quick actions you can take (though surely delete and keep). There is also a smart notification option that automatically mutes your email with strangers.

And it does not go into Spark's optional Smart Inbox. Smart Inbox works much like Google's upcoming Inbox, and we want to sort email by category and highlight which messages are most important. (You can easily switch to an elliptical switch in the upper right corner.)

There are many things to go in, but Spark is a great choice if you do not need to worry about your presentation.

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Best email app for Android: Gmail

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We've been working with the Gmail app on Android (or iOS) Is still seen a lot as Google shipped in 2015 years ago. In fact, the addition of advertising has actually worsened slightly.

If you're an Android user, you already know the home field advantage that Google has on its own platform, and Gmail is no exception. Other email apps do not provide the same performance, feature set, and speed that Gmail provides. Do not let Gmail branding fool you. Gmail also supports Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, and manually configured IMAP accounts.