The Avengers assemble to take on Thanos in new Endgame teaser

We're just a few weeks away from Avengers: Endgame but Marvel has one last trailer to annoy the fans before the final battle against Thanos begins. It's a short teaser compared to the other trailers, but it could have the newest images so far, assuming that any of them ends up in the movie. The Russo brothers have said for the first time that, like the Infinity War of the previous year some of the trailer images of Endgame may be intentionally misleading to take fanatics by surprise.

I forgot, things are pretty terrible in the post- Infinity War Marvel Cinematic Universe. "We would go in abbreviated form", comments Bruce Banner of Mark Ruffalo, to which War Machine (Don Cheadle) responds bitterly: "Yes, do you mean that he killed all our friends?"

There is also a great emphasis on Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in the short clip, who seems to be dealing with the guilt of having eliminated half of the universe, while Thanos (Josh Brolin) seems to mock him in a voice in off.

The new trailer also serves as a reminder to fans that tickets for Endgame – which open on Thursday, April 25, before its full release on the 26 – are now available . AMC Theaters organizes a massive 59-hour marathon of the 22 MCU movies, which culminated in Endgame, for those wishing to live in a movie theater for several days in a row.

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