The augmented reality app for the 2019 Range Rover is helpful for any new driver

Forget the smell of a new car that we all know. When you buy a new car for the first time, the driver has a much more memorable experience: learn the new car interface.

As a journalist in the last 18 years and a car critic for the past seven, I can attest to the slight sensation. of confusion when you get behind the wheel of any new car. You have to learn how to adjust the seat and mirrors, find the radio controls and then start exploring all the additional features & # 39 ;, such as how to set the tracking distance for adaptive cruise control.

For me, it is not difficult: Each important brand works more or less the same. A Chevy Blazer has controls and options similar to the Chevy Equinox. The radio works roughly the same in all new BMWs, and all Ford cars and trucks use similar navigation.

However, with much more advanced cars with unusual and innovative technological features, it may take longer. Fortunately, when I started testing the new Range Rover Sport SVR 2019, I used an application called Land Rover iGuide that helped me tremendously.

Minimizing confusion

Now, before explaining how technology works, you should know that this is not a matter of intelligence or comfort in learning technology. Without delving into the science of the brain involved, it's really more about how we adjust to new situations. Our brains tend to overload when something is new.

This is the opposite of a more automated way our brains use when we actually drive cars: we don't have to think about where to find the brake pedal. With a new car, at least during the first week, our brains have to work overtime.

The Land Rover iGuide application is designed to minimize confusion. Use an augmented reality form (I'll explain in a moment) where you move your phone inside the car. If you point the phone towards the side door, the buttons will light. If you point to the sunroof controls, you will see those buttons highlighted. Click on any of these highlights, and then you can see that part of the manual with a simple click.

I loved learning about the car in this way. I didn't have to drag the manual and look for page 242 section eight. If I was interested in touch controls on the steering wheel, I write the application there and then read how they work. (Side note: these buttons turn off completely and the touch interface turns completely black, which I had never seen before in other cars.)

Find your way

Now, an interesting discovery (no pun intended) Land Rover fans) is that the app doesn't really use augmented reality, and maybe that's fine. You can download and use the application even if you don't have an SVR Range Rover, and even if you're not sitting inside one. When you are behind the wheel, you click on a button centered on the application with the phone pointing straight forward. This means that the application does not really use your camera or increase reality.

However, it works very well. I discovered that I could still point the phone at the address I wanted and click on the buttons for more information. It is smart for Land Rover to do this because you can learn about functions anywhere, and then, if you are about to drive, it makes it easier. Again, your brain will do the mapping for you when you move the phone, even if everything is a bit fake.

For future cars, this is good news. Augmented reality will definitely be part of future technological advances, showing where to drive on the road (or where the robotic car will drive while playing chess). It is one of those characteristics that will be indispensable as future cars become more and more advanced, and that cars drive more and more for us,

On The Road is the usual aspect of TechRadar in futuristic technology in today's most popular cars. John Brandon, a journalist who has been writing about cars for 12 years, tests a new car and its cutting-edge technology every week. One objective: to find out what new technologies will take us to autonomous cars .

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