The 5 biggest rumors about Apple’s new bezel-free iPads

We're only a few days away from Apple's upcoming fall event, and it's not clear what will be announced over the September iPhone event, but the star of the show is expected to be an updated iPad Pro. You can see the flagship tablet updated with a new design, including a slim bezelless display with face ID.

Can not wait for October 30th? We've put together five big rumors about Apple's new iPads:

the new bezel display shrinks. But there is no notch.

The biggest change of the new iPads of the year is expected to be the new reduced bezel display. The new screen is expected to shrink the bezel significantly on iPad. This year is similar to the trend we saw in cell phones and laptops. For the 10.5-inch model, the new design will hit an 11-inch panel, and rumors say the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will remain the same screen size.

Apple is expected to expand the available screen area to the point where useful home buttons will disappear completely. Instead, the new iPad is expected to use a navigation system similar to the iPhone XS and XR, which Apple has already added iPhone OS 12 to.

the 5 biggest rumors about apples new bezel free ipads

So to speak, rather than the bezel, the iPhone XS – the new iPad is expected to keep part of the bezel. The reason is that the LCD panel still needs external illumination (similar to the iPhone XR), and it's hard to carry a giant iPad. Put your finger somewhere. But new features will not be able to add new features.

In addition to the updated screen and design, we look forward to the general enhancements that come with the new iPad. In a variant of Apple's recently launched A12 Bionic chipset.

Face ID is on the iPad.

The new iPad will be upgraded to Apple's Face ID system. Various face ID functions including Animoji and Memoji. In addition, iOS 12.1 beta supports face IDs when the device is placed horizontally. This is useful for tablets that are often used in landscape orientation (especially with keyboard dock).

the 5 biggest rumors about apples new bezel free ipads


Perhaps the least likely rumor on this list: Apple is considering switching from the iPad to the Lightning port (which has been used for all tablet devices since the release of the fourth generation iPad). It was released in 2012 to USB-C, the next generation universal port standard used by Apple as a proprietary port option for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. Rumor has it that Apple will also support 4K HDR video output over USB-C in the new iPad.

Switching to USB-C will be a big change for Apple. Since Apple first introduced its first 30-pin connector on the iPod, it tended to stick to its own port standard for mobile devices. More importantly, this represents a fundamental change from the point of view of Apple as a desktop class device that uses laptops rather than iPads.

Apple Pencil Update

Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted updated Apple Pencil because Apple did not update its stylus accessories since it was first announced in 2015. If you add a more ornate logo that Apple is using to advertise your event, you can imagine how the logo was made with a new, enhanced pencil.

Apple is switching to USB-C for iPad Pro this year. It is reasonable to use the new Apple Pencil with updated ports.

RIP headphone jack?

Apple gave gifts and Apple took away. Apple may be adding a USB-C port to the new iPad, but Apple could come at the expense of a 3.5mm headphone jack already cut out of the phone a few years ago. If Apple leaves only the USB-C port, prepare a dongle hell that is different from what you have seen yet. A 3.5mm dongle may require a separate USB-C and light to use regular headphones. You can use both iPad and iPhone. (Or I will buy Bluetooth headphones.)

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