The 48-megapixel phones are coming

Sony and Samsung released a 48 megapixel image sensor designed for smartphones earlier this year, and they began to hear details about the first device that used a huge number of pixels. Honor announced Huawei's Kylin 980 processor, Sony's IMX586 sensor, and its Free 20, which will be releasing View 20 next week using Huawei's upcoming Nova 4 "hole punch" I did.

View 20 is a follow-up to View 10, a midrange device that was reasonably impressive earlier this year. Honor has not yet provided details about View 20. It will have to wait for a global model in Paris by January 22, and the Chinese V20 variant will be on December 26th. What we know is that View 20 will compete with far more specs and designs than its predecessors.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi plans to release a 48 megapixel phone in the coming months. The company's co-founder and president, Lin Bin, pictured the unknown device with the legendary "48MP camera" next to the lens on the Weibo (below).

the 48 megapixel phones are coming

Samsung and Sony have made similar claims for sensors: they have 0.8μm pixels, but the sensor itself is physically larger than most of its competitors at full size. 1 / 2.0 inches. The two companies say that each individual pixel can get the same amount of information as a 12-megapixel image captured by a 1.6-μm pixel from adjacent pixels. For comparison, market-leading phones such as Pixel 3 and iPhone XS have a 12-megapixel sensor with a pixel depth of 1.4 μm.

Mobile phones with high-resolution sensors such as Nokia's 41 megapixel 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 have existed in the past. There are too many variables for software, size, and optics, so the implementation is not really comparable. As for the image quality of the smartphone, the specification may not talk very much. We are looking forward to using these phones to see how the claims actually match.

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