The 10 Best Racing Games on Pc

The best racing games on PC prove that gaming computers and laptops are the ultimate way to virtually replicate the racing experience. Your PC is full of colorful racing games of various genres. Simulation racers that stick to the feel of a real car, character-focused kart racers, and quirky arcade racers make up a range of genre titles worth investing in your PC. And with PC racing wheels and cockpits, driving and drifting at high speeds on smooth roads is more immersive than ever.

There are so many great racers to choose from these days, and getting into the market for the best can certainly be a bit daunting. Fortunately, we have brought you a collection of high-quality racing games for your attention on PC. The best racing game development studios, such as Playground Games, Sumo Digital, Slightly Mad Studios, Codemasters, etc., are responsible for producing some of the games on this list.

In the end, focus on your favorite racing sub-genre and have no trouble turning into a digital speed demon. So when you’re trying to own the open road in a visually striking PC racing game, we’ll point you in the right direction. Some of these choices won’t even break your piggy bank, so you may be delighted to know that your next racing game addiction can be bought cheaply. As we have said so far, let’s take a look at the 10 best racing games for PC.

1. Forza Horizon 4 Free Download

Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft Studios’ answer to Gran Turismo is the Forza Motorsport series. Since 2005, Turn 10 Studios has been working hard to ensure that each item is perfectly tailored for fans of simulation racing games. In 2012, Playground Games had the opportunity to breathe new life into the Forza brand by taking the series’ winning formula through casual street racing.

The latest in that spin-off franchise is Forza Horizon 4, which easily takes the top spot as one of the best PC racing games ever. Forza Horizon 4 brings hardcore gearheads to a uniquely British expression, allowing you to race in a variety of locations. You will quickly understand everything this game has to offer.

It offers an overwhelming collection of cars to own, tons of racing challenges to overcome, a dynamic weather system that changes the way you play, and even a home to get them. It’s full of extra items worth keeping. With the introduction of two massive DLC expansions, Forza Horizon 4’s already finished package is even more satisfying. Fans of arcade racing games looking for a little more should find this.

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2. IRacing Download For Free


The best simulation racing experience can be found easily at iRacing. What is offered here is an unparalleled online phenomenon that follows the staggering eSports. It is also more praised by serious racing fans because it is used as an educational tool for professional racing car drivers.

Participating in iRacing should be considered an investment as you will need to purchase monthly subscriptions, individual tracks, and cars. But if you are truly great and take the time to compete with the best, that investment can pay off. IRacing offers a solid lineup of racing leagues to master. Pros can get on the track through NASCAR, Grand Prix, Sports Car, and Dirt & Rally competitions.

Casual players can compete with their completion time and work to beat the clock at a faster pace, while a larger hardcore crowd can practice against AI and ultimately showcase their talents online for human competition. iRacing’s 80+ cars and tracks mean there’s plenty of content to entertain anyone trying to join the pack in major live stream races. The name of the game here is the highest level of internet racing imaginable.

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3. Horizon Chase Turbo Free Download

Horizon Chase Turbo

For those who have poured numerous quarters into ’90s arcade classics like OutRun and Rad Mobile, Horizon Chase Turbo will be your next destination. It offers incredible speed and a pristine visual luster combined with an incredibly lively stage for which retreat racers are best known.

Crossing the long, winding roads in Horizon Chase Turbo is always a thrill thanks to its nail-biting speed, and retro music echoing in the background adds to the overall vibe. Aquiris Game Studio knows a thing or two about quality arcade racing.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a viable choice for those looking for a solo challenge, but it also offers a great multiplayer mode. It’s also possible to hop online to break the speed limit while racing at random, but there are some nice local options for those who prefer that.

The 4-player multiplayer split-screen mode will take you and your crew back to their childhood as you race for hours. Horizon Chase Turbo strives to honor the glory days of arcade racers. If you like racing games that are simple yet packed with valuable content, consider this retro venture a must.

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4. Project CARS 2 Download For Free

Project CARS 2

The first Project CARS offered another great simulation racing franchise to take on the best of the sub-genre. The game’s vast cars and courses are top-notch, and the great physics engine and user-friendly driver aids do a lot to add powerful performance. Slightly Mad Studios returned in 2017 with an apt sequel to the up-and-coming Sim Racer, improving everything that fans love for the first time.

As expected, Project CARS 2 increased the number of vehicles and included several more robust track layouts. Elements added to the LiveTrack 3.0 system bring each race to life with dynamic weather patterns and varying track temperatures. The visuals are gorgeous (you won’t be surprised) Which means that newly added cars from real manufacturers look as close to real models as possible.

Speaking of powerful visuals, Project CARS 2 is compatible with VR headsets, supports resolutions up to 12K, and can be played on 3 monitors. That said, if you decide to add this gem to your PC gaming library, you can do all of your racing game setups.

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5. F1 2019 Free Download

F1 2019

Formula 1 and Formula 2 championship racing are very exciting sports. It never gets old for uniquely designed cars connected to both rigs to reach crazy speeds and make sick turns. Now imagine how much fun that activity can be when you digitally execute your pro racer’s ambitions. F1 2019, the twelfth installment of Codemasters’ Formula One series, makes that lofty dream scenario a reality.

After nearly two years of development, F1 2019 launched to acclaim from many critics. If you’re an avid F1 fan, you’ll be delighted that this game includes the official teams, drivers, and circuits for the 2019 season. F1 2019 easily outperforms its predecessors by throwing the F2 Career Challenge, which provides a more natural path for players to advance to the F1 Big League.

As for the more creative subsection of racing game fans, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now customize your own vehicle emblems. The race itself is more refined and rewarding than ever. F1 2019 is the official video game of the 2019 F1 World Championship, a proud representation of that racing league.

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6. Burnout Paradise Download For Free

Burnout Paradise

Burnout series racing games became a huge hit among console racing game lovers in 2008. The game is set in an open-world racing environment. It’s a free, arcade-style racing experience that allows players to explore a huge, virtual paradise city at their own pace. Here you can achieve achievement/mission objectives in different modes that can be creatively achieved anywhere on the map. It is a racing game without a defined track.

There were previously released versions of Windows, but the “Remastered” release contains all the various updates, downloadable content (DLC) packs, and add-ons released over the years into one cohesive bundle. The Remastered release also supports higher resolutions and frame rates.

Burnout Paradise Remastered has a “showtime mode” that prepares players for the most colorful and bouncy crashes. The online multiplayer “Police and Robbers” mode puts players against other players in the dynamic chase and crash-based missions that focus on controlled chaos and big explosions.

With fun and unlockable progression, Burnout Paradise Remastered is more of a socially gamified racing and driving experience than a hardcore simulation. Driving stunts and chasing ridiculous moves in different vehicle types is a radically different kind of experience than a rigorous “racing” game.

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7. Grid 2 Free Download

Grid 2

Grid 2 is another Codemasters game and is the eighth game in the TOCA Touring Car series. It aims to strike a balance between hardcore car simulations and more generous arcade-style action controls by making them at least a little more accessible to gamers.

Featuring a huge roster of cars to choose from and cheat, it sets players in the fictional “World Series Racing” league, a kind of new motorsport with a set of rules configured for the game. The campaign/career-like story mode sees you trying to attract “fans” to this new motorsport by completing different racing objectives in the levels.

This clever gadget makes it a kind of metagame that bundles different objectives and missions into a more cohesive package than a series of random modes. Point-to-Point Race Mode, Checkpoint Race, Time Attack, and Standard Elimination Race are all offered within the framework of how to promote this new “World Series Racing” league. A great feature of Grid 2 is its excellent audio. It seems that special attention has been paid to the sound design and it is amazing how much it adds to the enjoyment of the gameplay.

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8. DiRT Rally 2.0 Download For Free

DiRT Rally 2.0

Everything you can expect from this Colin McRae Rally connected racer is here. With stunning visuals, top-notch car customization, multiple online modes to compete, and true vehicle handling, DiRT Rally 2.0 goes beyond that to deliver top-notch performance. Off-road racing simulation ever made. The Holy Grail is easy to reach thanks to the high-quality racing development studio work done by Codemasters.

Rally / RallyCross Racing Spectrum creates its own brand of exciting activities. With the expected lap-to-lap competition, this sub-genre of racing job drivers took the top spot during a timed event.

DiRT Rally 2.0 immerses you deep into the expansive world of racing with one of the best examples of an off-road terrain experience. With numerous official tracks, cars, and racing series adopted from the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship, followers of the scene will be satisfied with this title.

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9. Assetto Corsa Free Download

Assetto Corsa

Together with Assetto Corsa, Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni has started providing hardcore racing simulation fans with a game that focuses on modding (or adding modifications) to the experience and setting, and striving for vehicle handling and performance accuracy. An extensive set of “realistic” settings allows racing simulation fans to fine-tune exactly what they want to simulate or not simulate in the experience.

That’s what Assetto Corsa is all about. Especially for fans of hardcore and already engaged in-depth racing simulations. More casual gamers looking for a mid-range, mid-range arcade-style game should definitely steer clear.
Assetto Corsa may not be the most immediately accessible in racing simulation. It expects the player to have a lot of knowledge about the advanced operation of the car and the existing skills to drive it. For certain players, Assetto Corsa is a treasure trove.

But in reality, the treasure is only for certain players. For the more casual gamer, or those familiar with the modified, gamified physics and handling engines of more mainstream racing games, it’s often a series of disappointing losses, as Assetto Corsa handles faults accurately with few concessions to gameplay occurs.

That said, if you’re a player looking for real-time, honest simulations of real-time weather bells or “collect mode” of car model inspections in a virtual garage, then it’s worth the drive. But be careful in advance. The dive is deep and the learning curve is steep.

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10. Wreckfest Free Download


The more destructive side of the racing scene is a guilty pleasure for many. It’s simply exhilarating to see car gangs pile up on top of each other and compete in intense bashing competitions. Developer Bugbear knows all this all too well, so he went to the drawing board to make Wreckfest. The finished product from its field expertise has now become the king of disruptive racing video games.

If you still crave the days of FlatOut, Destruction Derby, and Street Rod, do yourself a favor and find this game. Of course, there are also whitefish races you can participate in. But the main attraction of Wreckfest in the form of its quaint demolition derby competition. It’s really fun to survive an avalanche of rival cars trying to crush your ride. The game’s powerful physics and vehicle damage systems make every car crash feel legal. Wreckfest’s challenge mode is even more devastating because you can roam the tracks with lawnmowers and school buses! Wreckfest is a national treasure.

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