That Trump tank meme on Cesar Sayoc’s van was made as a joke, creator says

Today, the FBI has arrested Cesar Sayoc, a suspected bomber for Florida's famous critics of President Donald Trump. He included Democratic politicians and former officials. According to The Guardian footage of the arrest scene, an automotive parts store, shows Sayoc's van under tarpaulins. As the news followed the helicopter-covered vehicle, the wind blew a tarp to reveal a window full of decal from Donald Trump and other Republican figures.

Shortly thereafter, several Twitter users (19459007) tweeted a close-up of the same van taken before Sayoc was arrested. Most of the decals were memes circulated in the right-wing social media space. The most well-known of all is Donald Trump's elaborate portraits of riding a tank with a gold plate at the beach holding a Barrett M821A rifle, floating in a tank and floating a hundred dollar bill.

The images uploaded to DeviantArt by Jason Heuser, a maker based around Reddit's r / The_Donald, became a popular image in conservative space online. He is a freelance illustrator who worked in the video game industry. According to the Biography section of his website for seven years, but he is mostly a political satirist.

"Trump was painted because it was relevant at the time, like most of the pictures I do." The Verge by Heuser is a telephone interview. Heuser painted because many people at that time painted a picture of a candidate at that time and thought it was meaningful for his artistic style. "I am non-political." "I see politics like a huge reality show," he added, adding that trump tank painting should not be taken seriously.

"It would be a joke. People are seriously thinking. "Heuser says," There's a lot of jokes in my mind, "he said," it's important for Heuser to walk between sexuality and mockery. "Every time you create an artwork, Is this a joke? Is this real? I do not know. "

Heuser created here is more than a meme, but the image of Heuser expresses how they see the President every day: as an unimaginably wealthy man, the world from a tremendously expensive tank- So, r / The_Donald shows why Redditors call Trump GEOTUS or the Emperor of the United States, which is a morbid, morally empty joke.

American leaders have always been myths. Have made efforts to sacrifice their political leaders – especially the president – and have minimized the worst actions they have taken in the stewardship of the state.

Leadership through the Second World War led to the detention of detainees Franklin Delano, who overly condemned construction, George Washington, who advocates more to win in a revolutionary war than Roosevelt and human beings. Designing a tragic war in Afghanistan and Iraq that has taken the lives of millions of innocent people today George W. Bush is a delightful, old-fashioned painter who, in social media, urged liberals to take photographs with Michelle Obama.

As Heuser's picture shows, impulse is slightly different in Trump His supporters not only want him to be the leader of the world, he wants to rule the world, the image of Heuser is visible in Sayoc's van, the rest is a slogan and cross that proves Trump's greatness He was covered in an image of a democrat figure on his face.

Heuser The interesting thing about the image is that it is not a direct praise. If you go into more detail, you have as much fun as possible in Trump. Heuser left a "69" joke on the back of the tank. He added the Big Gulp logo next to two of the President 's unsuccessful businesses: Trump Steak and Trump Vodka. Near-front bumper stickers include a Howard Stern show logo, a new world order decal, and a sticker "Do not know who I am?" On the license plate, "Expression" is a phrase that can be read by Trump's allergy excavation when announcing tax refunds.

Nowadays, political satire becomes more difficult than before. This is because the speed of news is increasing. Partly because it is easy to spread information around the world. This is because there are so many ridiculous headlines in the White House. Every day, every day. The Onion feels like you're writing a story that happens every week.

The fact that all this is so ridiculous – the fact that Sayoc loved the image of Trump rising from the sea. In a tank of gold plated enough to put other people on the road in his van, We do not allow people and the environment to do much political harm. real. Heuser is a bit different: "Donald Trump is doing exactly the same thing he did in The Apprentice which is even bigger as the president." President Trump will be graded and appointed in the process.

The meme is a social virus. Each will spread through the population according to a unique virus epidemiology – some population will go through the population and then the other people come to come in season. All meme can be replicated similarly without thinking. The point of the virus is to replicate, and the point of the meme is to deliver a semantic unit that everyone can easily remix.

Memes also act as metonyms in forums and message boards for politically conservative people. Pepe the Frog, a character created by cartoonist Matt Furie, was claimed by 4chan and gradually transformed into the ranks of the "Trump Supporter." In this space, the mim also marks his affiliation.

However, Mim does not hide children permanently separated from their parents due to the volatility of racist policy of deportation. In fact they often suggest it. The title of the Emperor of God is a joke. Those who are hurt by the president's policies are not. Trump in the tank means that ideas and people must be executed.

"People like reality TV, but they do not know that the policy should be at the same level as reality TV," Heuser says. "I see that way, as I said before, that's what I'm laughing about, so, we did not fly today."

Noon, 6:35 pm: Jason Heuser is an illustrator, and in previous versions of this post he misrepresented that he was also a game designer

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