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TextEdit for Windows XP / 7/8/10 latest version of free download, Textedit is now available for Windows. This configuration works in 32 and 64 bit windows.

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TextEdit For Windows free download Overview

When you install a window, you get a free text edition The software already is installed on it. But there are other tools that can make your work faster and easier compared to the default Windows tools.

TextEdit is a popular software on mac and is now also available for Windows by a different editor called Core Software Solutions . TextEdit is an improved and improved version of Microsoft Notepad. This software makes your work easier and faster and allows you to do much more work than a notebook.

This software is simple and easy to use, a powerful text editor for Windows. It also allows you to view and edit programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, PERL, Delphi, C, C ++, and others.

 textedit for windows free download

TextEdit For Windows Key Features

File handling

  • Open files of any size
  • Edit multiple files at the same time
  • Remember the names of 4 recently edited files
  • Send a file via email
  • Send a zip file in compressed format via email
  • Customize the file types listed in the boxes Open / Save dialog
  • Support for drag and drop files
  • Save changes to all open documents

Edit and print

  • Undo / Redo multilevel
  • Change the text box
  • Preview a document before printing
  • Print a selection
  • Display the exact position of the cursor in lines, columns, and characters
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Intellimouse
  • Go to a specific line or chara in the text
  • Advanced search and replacement with, a support of regular expressions
  • Advanced search in files with, a support of regular expressions
  • Support for text markers with search of previous and following markers


  • Execution with multiple document interface with tabs
  • Run in full screen mode without window elements that occupy space
  • Allow access to common functions through a mobile toolbar
  • Remember the position and size of the window
  • Stay at the top for convenience work with maximized programs
  • Minimize yourself to a tray icon or a button on the taskbar
  • Approaching the document and increasing or decreasing the text size

Feature s of energy

  • Compare text files and display the result in web browser [19659018] Support for zip files with file operations
  • Add a file or folder to a compressed compressed file
  • Extracts files and / or folders of a compressed compressed file
  • Converts text files to Adobe PDF file format [19659050]


    Download Links Below.
    1 https://fileforty.com/textedit-for-windows/

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