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Download the latest free version of TextEdit for Windows XP / 7/8/10, and use Textedit for Windows. File name: TESetup.exe

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  • Text Editor for Windows Free Download Overview

    Free text editing is available when you install Windows. The software is already installed. However, there are other tools that make the task faster and easier than the Windows native tools.

    TextEdit is widely used on the Mac and is now available for Windows Core Software Solutions . TextEdit is an enhanced version of Microsoft Notepad. This software makes your work easier and faster, and lets you do more than just work with Notepad.

    This software is a simple and easy to use powerful text editor for Windows. You can also view and edit programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, PERL, Delphi, C, C ++, and others.

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      TextEdit for Windows key features

      file processing

      • open files of all sizes
      • edit multiple files simultaneously
      • recent edit
      • Send files in compressed zip format via email
      • Customize the file formats listed in the Open / Save dialog box
      • Drag-and-drop file support
      • Open
      • Multiply undo / redo
      • Change case of text
      • Preview document before printing
      • Print optional
      • Change the cursor of the cursor Exact position, line, and character
      • Full support for Microsoft Intellimouse
      • Move to a specific line or character
      • Regular expression support Advanced Find and Replace
      • Advanced Find in Files with Regular Expression Support
      • Find Next and Previous Bookmarks


      • Use Multiple Document Interface with Run Tab
      • Window elements do not take up space Run in full-screen mode
      • Grant access to common functions via movable toolbars
      • Remember window location and size
      • Work with maximized programs
      • Tray icon or taskbar button Minimize
      • Enlarge or reduce text size

      Power features

      • Compare text files and display results in a web browser [19659018] Support for Zip archives with file manipulation
      • Compressed zip archive Extract
      • Extract files and / or folders from compressed zip archive
      • Add text file to Ad obe Converting to PDF file format
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