Texas bill would ban throttling in disaster areas

Texas lawmakers submitted to KUT News a bill earlier this week that criminalizes the blocking of Internet services in disaster areas where telecommunications companies such as Verizon or AT & T are declared.

This Texas bill, HB 1426, does not proceed to codify network neutrality rules and prohibits telcos from restricting Internet access in disaster areas. In other scenarios, it does not inhibit the same behavior.

Republican head of state, like President Ajit Pai, said the Federal Communications Commission's move to withdraw protection in 2017 has resulted in more than 100 other legislation on state neutrality at state level . Classification protection, carriers will not restrict or block Internet access nationwide.

Evan Greer, deputy director of the battle for the future, said, "It is a good sign that this is currently bubbling at the state level." But in fact, we do not see the FCC actually doing it and putting the public at risk. "

Last week, the US Senate's court filed several petitions last week that claimed that the dismissal of the FCC and arbitrators' net neutrality rules was illegal in several ways.

The petitioner alleged that Verizon could legally slow down the device due to the abolition of the FCC.In the Santa Clara County Fire Department of California, firefighters were involved in a public safety controversy, The disruption has made the FCC more vulnerable to providing the emergency services, They do not have jurisdiction on behalf of zon.

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