Tesla’s new safety features really push you to stay in your lane

Tesla has introduced a couple of new safety features for its cars, which are designed to keep it out of its lane. The avoidance of lane diversion and the avoidance of emergency lane diversion are designed to stop common causes of accidents that can occur while drivers are not using the autopilot, says Tesla.

Avoid the change of lane will warn you if you leave your lane without turning around when your hands are not on the wheel. If this happens too much while using the cruise control that takes traffic into account, the system will eventually turn on the hazard lights and reduce the speed of the car to 15 miles below the speed limit or the current speed set. This feature can be activated or deactivated at will, and operates at speeds of 25 to 90 mph.

Meanwhile, the new function of avoiding the detour of the emergency line will automatically guide your car back into its lane if it thinks it will crash or deviate from road. You can turn it off, but the car will re-enable it at the beginning of the next unit.

Lane change warning systems are not a new safety feature. Initially developed for use in commercial trucks, the feature has been available in consumer cars dating back at least 2001.

In February, Tesla announced changes in the automatic driving characteristics of its automobiles, which divided them into two categories . The regular autopilot is capable of automatically driving your car while on freeways, and also includes a cruise control that takes traffic into account. The full Auto-driving option goes further, and can suggest and make lane changes, as well as navigate the interchanges and exits of the highway. In April, the company said that the regular autopilot will now come as standard in all its cars.

Both features are being extended to Tesla Model 3 owners through an air update that begins today. Eventually, they will be available on all Tesla vehicles manufactured after October 2016, which are models equipped with Tesla's Autopilot 2.0 hardware.

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