Tesla to employees: if you leak, we’ll catch you, we’ll fire you, and we might sue you

Tesla employees received an e-mail today to inform the media of potential firings, felony charges and lawsuits resulting from information leaked to electric vehicle manufacturers, CNBC reported. The email from Tesla's security team lists recent actions taken against employees who have leaked the company.

A former employee said he "threatened to reveal a classified company by extracting confidential information from a Tesla domain to an individual account." Information, "according to an e-mail, Tesla said in an e-mail filed for alleged felony charges against this person, as well as two cases of former employees for intellectual property and" stealing proprietary information and trade secrets. "

The latest in a leaked Silicon Valley leak, the latest information leaked to the press.In 2016, Google explained how the company hunted leaks in-house A similar email was sent in April 2018, when Apple's email was leaked, and 12 employees were arrested for information leakage about the company's future plans. After Buzzfeed announced an internal memo from Facebook executives, Facebook fools the leaker in an internal forum and says, "Some irresponsible things are some of the gods that endanger their inner culture. "

Confidentiality is the key to the Silicon Valley culture that so-called" mouse traps "(USB sticks containing sensitive data) are sometimes left to check for employee behavior. The Guardian Last year.

Tesla is a company with many incidents, and a lot of work has been going on lately, and the company is trying to create more capital. The Nikkei report suggests a tense relationship between Tesla and Panasonic, a major battery supplier, and Trump's trade tariffs are on the horizon of the future of Auto Pilot in China.

Today's e-mails are about media leaks and competitors. If someone is not having trouble using Twitter, it's probably not Tesla, "an employee who was fired to share confidential information with Twitter, including production numbers, with journalists" [19659008]

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