Tesla launched a car insurance product, then spent the next 24 hours fixing it

Just a few hours after Tesla launched its internal car insurance product in California on August 28, the company stopped offering rate quotes and suspended access to the insurance website. But during the time that the Tesla insurance site was working and offering quotes to the owners, some people were not happy with the results.

Tesla tells The Verge those two things are really related; The company says it found "errors" that were affecting the rate quotes of some customers, but declined to offer details beyond that. The company says it will recover the website as soon as it is resolved, without saying when that resolution could be.

Tesla's insurance ministry was launched around 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, but users reported problems accessing the site within a few hours at 6:49 p.m. ET, the company tweeted that it was "making some updates to Tesla Insurance" and that the service "would be back online soon". Seventeen minutes later, the company tweeted again that there was an "algorithm update in progress". That same language also appears if you try to click on the link that originally took people to the Tesla Insurance minisite.

Both the Tesla Motors subreddit and the company's owner forums are full of posts from people who claim they received quotes that were higher than expected. That seems to have disappointed some owners as the company promised rates that were up to 20 percent lower than the competition. (However, most of those annoying owners did not provide proof of the comparisons they complained about.)

The insurance offer can provide Tesla with a way to create larger margins with a product that does not require as much money to establish as the car design and manufacturing process. But the problem with starting a completely new part of your business is … you have to start a completely new part of your business. And sometimes, new things are broken.

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