Tesla accuses self-driving startup Zoox and former employees of trade secret theft

Tesla filed two lawsuits on Wednesday night against several former employees and the new autonomous company Zoox for allegedly embezzling the company's trade secrets. The news was first published by Business Insider .

The Silicon Valley automaker claims that four former employees stole "patented information and trade secrets to help Zoox overcome the last years of work needed to develop and manage its own storage,"

Tesla also affirms in another case that a former employee stole business secrets related to the company's autopilot driver assistance function before accepting a job at the Chinese electric car manufacturer Xiaopeng Motors or XPeng.

Tesla says the four former employees who they went to Zoox – Scott Turner, Sydney Cooper, Christian Dement and Craigh Emigh – "they eloped with certain Tesla exclusive documents useful to their new employer", and that at least one used confidential information to poach other employees Tesla says the alleged The group's theft was "flagrant and intentional." The company claims that Turner, who was a manager in a Tesla's distribution center sent two confidential documents to his personal email address with the words "you are a clever dog …" He claims that Dement, a former warehouse supervisor, did something similar by sending four documents of his work to your personal email with the subject "Good Stuff".

After Emigh joined Zoox, Tesla says he erroneously sent an email to Cooper's old Tesla. Address, with a modified version of a Tesla owner document attached. The document was "freshly emblazoned with the Zoox logo," says Tesla, but still had stamps from the original version, which the automaker says "without a doubt, that the Defendants are actively using the Tesla information they stole." "

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