Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games is here

Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games has just arrived on Google Play and iTunes App Store. This news is of interest to us because it is always interesting to see how different developers approach the creation of a sports game for a mobile device, how they solve their control scheme and how they choose to focus. In addition, this title looks very elegant and modern at first sight, and its classifications so far coincide.

The game is aimed at tennis fans, as it brings the original rules of tennis and tries to recreate the atmosphere in the game, without additions or additional mechanisms. However, in terms of characters, the game does not use a list of world-famous professional tennis players, such as Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic or Pete Sampras, for example. Instead, players create their own avatars and choose how their representations will look in the game from the selection of models offered.

  Tennis Clash

Tennis Clash mobile is a 2-player, multiplayer or AI game, and is based on 3-minute game rules, naturally adapting it to the agile duration generally involved in mobile play. The game requires players to reach a certain skill limit to progress and reap the rewards of playing a good game, similar to what basketball, football or other sports games usually offer. However, on mobile devices, these massive sports with many players are rarely attempted to simulate in their original forms, naturally due to the limitations of controls on mobile phones. But, playing tennis one on one moves to the mobile with all the features here.

  Tennis Shock

The game also brings the surface types of tennis courts and attempts to simulate the world famous courts used for the Australian Open or other similar tournaments. And, Tennis Clash tournaments are also included as a means for players to climb the rankings and compete against stronger players, increasing the challenging aspect of the game.

Customization of the team, training, racket selection, hiring the coach and many more. More features are included in Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games, which emulates this world famous sport and worshiped quite faithfully on Android and iOS smartphones. Everything is set in 3D graphics, with fine textures and very natural looking models, so the game certainly looks promising.

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