Tencent and Xiaomi may be censoring a GitHub page for airing worker grievances

A GitHub database with trends and to a large extent in which Chinese developers have been transmitting their complaints in the workplace may be at risk of censorship. Several Internet users in China report that their access to the database is cut off when using browsers offered by companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Qihoo 360, as first detected by Abacus . There is still no indication that these censorship efforts originated in government orders.

Some of the companies that are reportedly blocking access to the GitHub repository are also the same accused of encouraging their employees to work tiring 12 hours per day, six days a week without overtime payment, a coincidence that the Chinese developers have pointed out quickly. The Alibaba UC browser was captured as a database lock and the name of Alibaba appears on the workers' accusations. Alibaba did not respond to the comment.

"There is illegal information on the website you are currently visiting, Close the page", a warning is read in the 360 ​​browser, according to the user of GitHub ilaotan. A second user replied: "It seems that all Chinese national browsers have established restrictions, some will not let you access the page, others prevent you from starring the page." Verge tried to verify if the 360 ​​browser was effectively censored and discovered that, although the repository was accessible, the star feature was obstructed, Qihoo 360 did not respond to a request for comment.

tencent and xiaomi may be censoring a github page for airing worker grievances

Another developer wrote on GitHub, "Use Chrome, never use that kind of garbage," referring to some of the reputations of browsers affected by possible security problems It seems that browser blocking is reported inconsistently among users, some say they can access the 996.ICU repository through the 360 ​​browser and Xiaomi's MIUI browser, while others confirm that they can not access the database through most home browsers. [19659006] Tencent's QQ browser restricts access, but allows users to enter the page if they insist. However, a user captured a Tencent page saying: "This page has been discontinued. Based on user complaints and the Tencent Security Response Center, this page contains illegal or transgressing content. To maintain a clean Internet environment, access has been denied. "Tencent did not respond to a request for comment.

tencent and xiaomi may be censoring a github page for airing worker grievances

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A source told The Verge that browser blocking could be the result of an individual The decisions of the company were aimed at overriding criticism, rather than an order from the Chinese government, since the block only pointed to a single page instead of a full domain.A block at the browser level of a single GitHub's offensive repository could be an intelligent way for Chinese technology companies to eliminate the controversial material while the main GitHub platform remains accessible.It is not an ideal situation for companies if GitHub went to China.

"GitHub is widely used. by programmers in China for professional reasons. Getting browsers to block it, especially on mobile phones like Xiaomi, could be a way to get around this challenge, "explains Sarah Cook, research analyst at Freedom House for East Asia. "It can be a way to limit the negative political impact without incurring the collateral damage to IT innovation that would impose a complete block."

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