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Tecarta Bible is a full-featured Bible app that is easy to use and easy to use, designed for quick navigation, easy notes creation, and powerful Bible study. Tecarta Bible v7.16.7 [Unlocked] APK Free Download The latest version for Android.

Overview and features of Tecarta Bible v7.16.7 [Unlocked]

Tecarta Bible v7.16.7 [Unlocked] You can read a brief overview and feature list before downloading the APK.

Abstract: Tecarta Bible is a beautiful and easy to use, full-featured Bible app designed for quick navigation, easy notes writing and powerful Bible study.

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The King James Bible (KJV) The Bible is included in the application, and all other popular translations (NKJV, NIV, NLT, ESV, NASB, MSG, etc.) There are also a variety of learning books, annotations, and devotion to purchase from your app – all the additional content is beautifully integrated into your app, making it easy to navigate, search, and research.
Bible translation, study Bible, annotations and faith bills can all be downloaded to the device, so they can be used offline (without an Internet connection). With Tecarta Bible, you can easily navigate, search, highlight, highlight, make margin notes, copy and paste into notes.
See for yourself why Tecarta Bibles is the most sold bible on Android.

– Quick and easy to use.
– You can change the Bible back and forth when you take notes during class with one touch.
– Downloaded Bible, Study Bible, Commentary, and Study
– Use study mode or parallel mode.
– Quickly select, copy, and paste multiple verses
– Quick navigation using predictive input or table of contents
– Margin notes allow you to write notes about specific verses.
– Read night mode for low light
– Select all words and phrases for highlights
– Share Facebook and Twitter
– Highlighting makes it easier for your readers to highlight passages or phrases.
– Quickly find words and research topics by OT, NT, or full text search of current books
– Bookmark your favorite paragraphs or do personal research for quick reference.
– A powerful folder system that allows users to organize notes and bookmarks.
– Tap and hold underlined words in NIV and NASB and cross reference
– Easily change font size
– Record folder and back button
Easily email memos
– NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV, and NASB are optional red text versions
– Users can easily and inexpensively extend the Bible translation library through in-app purchases There is.

– Split screen function for parallel conversion
– Automatic scrolling at adjustable speed
– Synchronize all notes, bookmarks, margin notes and highlighting on all Android devices
The Message Bible
– KJV (King James Bible)
– The New Testament
– The Message Bible
– The English Bible (19459012) – CEV (Modern English Bible)
– NKJV (New King James Bible)
– AMP amplified Bible)
– NCV (N
Other Languages:
– NIV (Spanish NIV Bible)
– CUVS NIV Bible Bible
– NIV Bible Bible
– NIV Bible Bible
– CUVS NIV Bible Bible
NIV Bible
– NIV Women's Devotional Bible
– NIV Women's Study Bible
– The NIV The Bible [-
– The Bible for the Real Woman
– The Bible for the Real Woman
– The Bible for the Real Woman
– The Bible for the Real Woman

– One year through the Bible –
– One year prayer through the Bible
– One year devotion for women
– One year devotion for men
– One
New Modify Info
● Unlock paid content
● No registration required
● Deactivate Analysis
– Fixed a bug in some devices

● Kirlif & # 39; Release
There are no ads in this app.

Tecarta Bible v7.16.7 [Unlocked] APK – Technical Details

Full Tecarta Bible v7.16.7 [Unlocked] You can read the technical APK details below before you start downloading the APK.

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