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Welcome to our Beginner's Guide Tales of Wind. Tales of Wind Beginners Guide will provide you with all the necessary information about Tales of Wind and all its segments.

Tales of Wind Beginners Guide

Tales of Wind is a new MMORPG launched by ZlongGames, a young company known for its previous great success with Langrisser Mobile. Tales of Wind was highly anticipated because it is a mobile version of the classic PC MMORPG Laplace and after 1 million pre-registrations it was granted 100,000 downloads on launch day.

When you install the game, you will be asked to link it. Count on the desired social network and choose on which server you will play. After deciding what is best for you, you will go to the character creation screen. You will have to choose one of the four available classes: Warrior, Magician, Cleric or Assassin. Each class in Tales of Wind has its unique abilities and 2 possible promotions at level 50.



Warrior is a self-sufficient class that can focus on protection or damage. At first, Warrior statistics are balanced between defense and attack, but after promotion, Warrior focuses on defense or attack according to the subclass chosen. To progress successfully, it is of the utmost importance that Warrior be equipped with life steal cards. At level 50, Warrior can choose between Paladin and Berserker.



Paladin is the best protection class in Tales of Wind that focuses on the defense and maintenance of incoming damage. Paladin uses shield and sword and his abilities are:

Holy Strike

 Paladin Holy Strike

Improved protection of light

 Paladin Enhanced Protection of Light

Savage Jump

 Paladin Savage Jump


  Berserker [1965er00enBerserkersufuerzaparainfligirgolpesmasivosconsuespadadedosmanosAdiferenciadePaladinBerserkerseenfocaenelataquecontraobjetivosúnicosomúltiplesparaalcanzarsumáximopotencialPuedequenosealamejorclasededañoeneljuegoperoseguramenteescapazdelidiarcontodoslosadversariosporsímismoLashabilidadesdeBerserkerson:[19659004] Bladestorm

 Berserker Bladestorm

Enhanced rage explosion

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-48756" src = "https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-conte nt / uploads / 2019/06 / Berserker-Enhanced-Rage-Burst.png "alt =" Improved Berser from 1931

Sword Strike

 Berserker Sword Strike [19659005] Mage


Mage is a distance damage dealer that uses his masterful knowledge of ice and firing arcana to subdue enemies. Mage is completely focused on inflicting pain using his AOE skills while trying to sustain the incoming damage by blinking and stealing lives. The best strategy for Mage is to rely on the Attack cards to accelerate their killing abilities and avoid any damage through constant kiting. At level 50, Mage can choose between Pyromancer and Frostweaver.



Pyromancer is the Master of Fire who uses his abilities to eliminate multiple enemies at the same time. Although he cannot control the crowd successfully, since Frostweaver his damage production gives him the opportunity to quickly destroy everything he finds in his way. Pyromancer is a great asset for any party, but it can also be a great danger alone. Pyromancer's abilities are:


 Pyromancer Firebird

Enhanced fire storm

<img class = "alignnone size -full wp-image-48762 "src =" https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Pyromancer-Enhanced-Fire-Storm.png "alt =" Pyromancer Fire45 enhanced [St45 Fire45 ]


 Pyromancer Frostbird



Frostweaver is the ice master who uses his field skills of battle and his abilities to control the battlefield Allow his groupmates to easily deal with frozen enemies.It is much more durable than Pyromancer because he is able to eliminate the negative effects by himself using the improved blinking.Your damage is not so Good as Pyromancer, which indicates that it is the most suitable for sop Ortar However, Frostweaver can complete all homework assignments assigned to it, although much slower than some other classes. Frostwever's skills are:

Enhanced Blinking

 Enhanced Blinking Frostweaver

Ice Guard

<imgone = size-full wp-image-48766 "src =" https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Frostweaver-Ice-Ward.png "alt =" Frostweaver <img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-48766 "src =" https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Frostweaver-Ice-Ward.png "alt ="

Storm of ice

 Frostweaver ice storm



Cleric is a remote support character whose main role is to heal allies and curse the enemies. Cleric is quite capable of playing alone, but his full potential is only seen in the late game while supporting the party. Its potential for harm is mediocre at best, but its healing ability makes it almost impossible to kill, suggesting that it can be used as a tank instead of a warrior. If you choose Cleric, your progression in the solo game will be slower, but there will be nothing you can't finish by yourself. The most important thing of all is that Cleric is searched everywhere, so finding a group shouldn't be a problem. At level 50, Cleric can focus only on healing by becoming a Priest or he can choose to become a Ranger who is also a healer but whose damage is somewhat greater at the expense of healing abilities.


  Priest [19659004] The priest is the best healer and best supporter of Tales of WInd. All your skills are meant to protect the party in the best possible way. It can heal the entire group over time or it can completely cure a character, it can clear all the negative effects, grant invincibility for a short period and it can revive fallen allies. Good timing is essential, so be sure to use your skills when it is important and don't rely on automatic play because it is useless to spend skills when everyone is fully healthy and it is even worse not to have chills when necessary. If you choose to be a Priest, you will be an essential part of any party all the time, which means you will always have a party. The priests' abilities are:

Prayer of the improved nature

 Prayer of the improved nature of the priest

Bathing in the light


Song of the Forest

 Priest Song of the Forest



Ranger is the support that uses a bow and arrow to harass enemies and knowledge of nature to poison and curse them. It can heal or inflict damage, but it is not as good as Priest or Magician. This symbiotic class is more suitable for solo play, although sometimes it can be useful for the party. Ranger does not excel in any role that makes him less desirable than a Priest, but on the other hand, he is totally self-sufficient. The rangers skills are:

Improved forest song

 Improved forest song

Fairy arrow

 Fairy arrow Ranger

Praise of the flower

 Ranger Praise of the flower



Assassin is a distributor of melee damage in stealth and critical attacks against single or multiple targets. Assassin is the best damage dealer in Tales of Wind, but the fact that he is close makes him very vulnerable because his defense is so low. That great disadvantage is covered with its ability to be invisible. While in stealth, its critical probability increases and can generate combo points needed to execute final hits. Like Warrior, Assassin also needs Life Steal for greater survival and survival capacity. At level 50, Assassin chooses between Deadly Asura and Stealthy Ninja:



Asura is a master assassin capable of killing opponents with a single blow. It is also very useful for controlling the battlefield with its AOE stuns. Asura depends largely on the probability of critical hit because his main killing ability can always be critical if the basic critical probability is high enough. It is very important that stealth be used correctly, which means that for serious fights the automatic game is out of the question. At the party, Asura is the character that takes other members of the group, but the truth is that he only reaches his maximum potential when there is a Paladin at the party. Asura's abilities are:

Asura descending

 Asura Descending Asura

Blade assault

<img class = "alignn size-full wp-image-48794 "src =" https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Asura-Blade-Assault.png "alt =" Asura Blade of As45 1990 [19659004] Enhanced Shadow Strike

 Improved Shadow Strike Asura



Ninja is a stealthy killer who constantly controls paralyzing strikes He has a great chance of dodging, so, unlike Asura, he is able to keep the attacks for a decent time while in stealth, his critical strike chance increases considerably, which means that his double swords could inflict massive damage if used correctly. Your skills should be used in a certain even order to get the maximum effect: you must enter stealth and then paralyze the opponent by earning combined points that should give you the opportunity to execute the final blow and receive a higher dodge rate. This means that automatic combat with Ninja is not a wise decision, but it also means that Ninja is quite capable of doing all the tasks alone. The ninja's abilities are:

Shaded Soul

 Shaded Ninja Soul

Improved Vacuum Ghost

 Ghost of improved ninja

Cross Cleave

  Ninja Cross Cleave

Even more about the classes

All classes have their pros and cons and I assure you that whoever you choose will be satisfied in the end. Some classes such as Warrior and Mage are easier to play because you can use the automatic game with almost the same effect as you would if you had control, but in the end, all important battles must be fought manually. If you prefer to play alone, you must choose Berserker, Pyromancer, Ranger or Ninja, while their counterparts are more suitable for team play. In no way, there is no good or bad option because Tales of Wind guarantees fun for each class.

After creating the character, you start your game in a small tutorial that should explain the basic functions: how to move your character, how to use your skills against monsters, how to interact with the environment, etc. The story begins in Yggdrasil, a small town in the southern part of the World Map. Yggdrasil is the place where you will find initial missions at the beginning of your trip. In addition to Yggdrasil, there are 5 more locations where you will search for missions and each of these locations is intended for a certain level of your character. Laplace City is the capital where you will find main story missions and NPC that allow you to participate in many other segments of the game. When you click on the location, you will see a minimap of that place with all available missions, escorts and challenges. Moving between locations is fast: all you need is to select the desired search or location and you will be automatically teleported there. Here is the World Map of Tales of Wind where you can see the range of levels for each location:

 World Map

As you can see, Yggradsil is the place where you will spend the first days of your trip . Solving missions is the main way to progress with your character, so be sure to accept all side missions from a certain location. Everything is almost completely automated: the accepted missions can be seen on the left side of the screen in the search menu and all you need to do is click on the desired search. Sometimes you will have to interact with something to continue the search or you can choose to fight manually, but to solve most missions a simple click will suffice.

As you level up, you will open new segments of the game in the Kingdom tab (top right of the screen next to the minimap). Completing tasks in the Kingdom tab is very important for your progress. Here is the list and full description of all the tasks:


Five times a day you can escort NPC from one place to another. These tasks can only be completed in a team of at least 3 players (AI robots are also acceptable). The escorts give you experience, a random piece of equipment and a music box that also contains a certain amount of experience. All those escorts are practically the same: you start your trip in one place and in the middle of the trip you will enter some kind of dungeon and fight against the monsters in the attempt to protect the NPC that you escort. Those fights are not difficult, but the problem is that the escorts can last more than 5 minutes, which could be boring after some attempts.



The Arena is the only PVP alone. available in Tales of WInd. Five times a day you can challenge a player in a duel. Your starting position is at the bottom of the leaderboard. With each victory, you ascend the ladder and change position with the defeated player. The players you will face in the Arena are not controlled by humans, they are controlled by AI, which means that you can defeat much stronger opponents while climbing the ladder. However, this works in both directions (in defense, your character is also controlled by AI), so you must be patient and stubborn in your attempt to reach the top 10 of the ranking list. For a successful participation in the Arena, you will be awarded the Arena Score that can be redeemed at the Gold Chest Fragment Market and Random Talisman cards.


Team Kingdom

The place where you can fight against team monsters. For every 10 levels, there is a kingdom with 3 difficulty settings with different prizes depending on the difficulty. Those kingdoms can be completed alone or as a team. Each kingdom is defended by some monsters and a Boss (or two). You have 3 free attempts per day for each kingdom and in addition to the team, you also get experience and badges of fame are used for a donation to the new Age of the Kingdom. Each new Age of the Kingdom opens new Tales of Wind segments:

  • Age of Bronze – Apocalypse, Farm, Truth or Dare
  • Age of Iron – Zodiac Bosses, Whitechapel
  • Age of Silver – Promotion
  • Age of Sky – Startrail

You can use AI bots to complete those realms, although it is smarter to look for real players later in the game. Do not be afraid to challenge the kingdoms that require a power greater than yours because with the proper use of your skills you can complete those kingdoms with ease.

 Kingdom of equipment

Kingdom of cards

Card Realm is similar to Equipment Realm with few differences. First of all, you are not awarded a team, but cards that are used to improve the team. The second difference is that each kingdom has 6 floors with the boss floor at the end. Those floors must be completed alone to advance further, but when you finish alone, you can use a party to do it again. Each floor requires more BR (Battle Rating – or your general power), so you'll be forced to grow certain floors over and over again until you're strong enough to complete the next floor alone. As in the Team Kingdom, each floor is defended by several monsters and a Boss. In addition to the cards, you can also earn badges of fame and experience when you clear the floor. The advance of the card realm is an accurate picture of your overall progression and you should regularly check the power requirements for the card kingdom to see if you are progressing fast enough.

 Kingdom of cards

Treasure of dragons [19659096] Twice a day you can search for Dragon Treasure. There are 2 different missions in Dragon Treasure Hunt. On a mission you will have to destroy dragon eggs and then deal with guardians. The goal is to destroy as many eggs as you can to receive rewards for opening them by killing guardians. The second mission is similar, but the goal is not to destroy the eggs: you must deliver them from one place to another. The more eggs you deliver, the more rewards you can receive by killing the guardians. There are 3 types of eggs: blue eggs grant experience, purple eggs grant experience and common equipment, gold eggs grant premium equipment. You can use Bots for Dragons Treasure, but I strongly suggest you find real players for your group because the Bots won't move the eggs from one place to another. In Dragons Treasure Hunts you can find unidentified Gold Gear that can be sold in the market if you do not identify it and you are linked to yourself. This team dramatically improves your BR and is very valuable.

 Dragon & # 39; s Treasure


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday you can participate in the Apocalypse event. Apocalypse is made of 12 different floors that gradually increase in difficulty. Floors 6, 9 and 12 are especially difficult, but grant additional rewards. Apocalypse must be done with a complete team consisting of healer, tank and DPS if you wish to move from the 6th floor. For completing the floors of Apocalypse you will be awarded Gold marks (merge 25 gold marks on the gold card), Red marks (fuse 25 red marks on the red card) and experience.


Zodiac Bosses

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can challenge Zodiac Bosses. There are 12 different bosses around the world and you will have to be fast enough to beat them before someone else does it in your place. For defeating Zodiac Bosses, you will be awarded Star Diamonds and Moon Diamonds necessary to improve the team. Improving the equipment is very important because that is one of the ways to improve your overall BR, so be sure to exploit Zodiac Bosses whenever you can. First, check the start time of the event, then find a group and kill all the zodiac bosses you can.



 Farm 1 [19659004] All mentioned game segments must be made regularly for constant progress. Do not let your BR determine the Events you will do and always try to beat the Events that require a BR higher than yours because the failures do not count as attempts, so you will not lose anything if you try.

Hero Progressive

On your travels, you will be accompanied by tutors. Each guardian has a unique skill set that can help you in battle. As you progress you can tame better guardians and improve your BR by using them. You can assign up to 5 Guardians, but each Guardian slot will open according to its maximum level (the fifth Guardian slot opens at level 65). Guardians are tamed when you use Monster Net in the monster egg. Monster Nets can be purchased or purchased in several ways. Be sure to check your bag frequently and use every Monster Net you find. Like almost everything in Tales of Wind, tame a guardian is also automated, so it will be easy for you to learn the basics.


Your character will have 10 different team slots. Each gear slot can be improved and connected. Keep in mind that you connect or improve a Gear slot, not the gear itself, so feel free to do so whenever you can. Improving the slot improves the skills of the main team, while the slot allows you to embed more cards in that slot. Each card improves certain attributes and abilities. You must learn which cards grant life theft and increase in final damage because those cards are the most important for solo play. As you learn the benefits of the Card, you will realize several constructions that you can apply to your character, but keep in mind that you can always change the cards when necessary. My point is that you should have enough cards for two different constructions at any time.

As you build your BR you will also improve your BR Title. BR Title does not improve your character in any way: it shows its strength to other players and vice versa.

It is important to mention that your character can have 2 different skill sets that can be used at any time. This means that you can build your character to play alone and in a group. However, at level 50 you can choose only one prestige class, so you must decide carefully before choosing a subclass.

This concludes everything you need to know about the basics of Tales of Wind. Tales of Wind is not complicated but offers a lot of fun. We hope you enjoyed our Beginners Guide Tales of Wind. For more information on Tales of Wind and all available content about the game, see our homepage after each update.

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